Even unwell, you’re doing more than most people will ever know. But you have so much more you want to do. And you need your mind + body (e.g. your thoughts + feelings) to cooperate and support you.  

You’ve been crushing it at work and in life in general but now your symptoms can no longer be ignored. You're ready to live fully free and enjoy ALL the fruits of your labor -- a body that feels good, a deeper connection to who you really are and the FULL confidence to enjoy a life created by your design. FREEDOM.

You’re ready for a major leap in eliminating your symptoms, not just a small step forward. You’re ready for epic results - like improved metabolic numbers (blood pressure, A1c, cholesterol, weight, thyroid), more energy, better sleep, clearer thinking and more inner peace – in weeks-to-months but not months-to-years.  


  • You want to be free of the physical aches and pains that plague you now. No more spending 15-20 minutes every morning lying in bed allowing your joints to loosen up so you jump out of bed to tackle your to-do list.  
  • You’re ready to declutter which means donating of all the clothes are not in your ideal size.  
  • You want enough energy to easily glide through your day and still have gas in the tank when you’re done and not feel completely depleted come the weekend!  
  • You want the clarity and mental energy you used to have to focus on the next level-up in your career, launching your next major project in your business, your relationship, volunteer work, or whatever else you decide you want to do!  
  • You want to experience more freedom in your life – to prioritize your own needs, have way more fun and enjoy your relationships (professional and personal) more deeply  
  • You want to be one of those people that enjoys deep + restorative sleep, waking up refreshed and ready for the day  
  • You deeply desire a mentor attune your energy, someone who will keep you aligned with your REAL DESIRES and YOUR OWN PATH and who won’t allow you to go back to your old comfort zone or stay stuck  



Hi, I'm Chinyere Williams. coach for executives, veteran entrepreneurs and women who have shit to do. Women who are ready to transcend their autoimmune and chronic illness symptoms, elevate to their next level of success, and create a life they love, centered on self-love, acceptance and expression. 

Women like you hire me to: show you how to get a grip on the unwanted changes happening in your body...learn how to consistently do the things you already know you should do yourself...get the guidance and support you need to make life changes in a safe, judgement-free container for healing. 

And your result?  

More energy, more feel-good days, more clarity, more joy and MORE FREEDOM to live life by your design!

Not long ago I was in the prime of my corporate career as a Project Manager for banks on Wall Street. I worked a gazillion hours per week, always with unrealistic deadlines, lots of business travel and too many months and years with insufficient sleep and poor sleep patterns. 

I thought I was doing a lot of the right things. But instead, I was actually: 

  • Missing out on key vitamins and minerals and causing deficiencies inside my body, causing imbalance and dysfunction  
  • Pumping so much cortisol (stress-hormone) into my body, all-of-the-time, I was literally cutting off my body’s ability to heal….or metabolize fat!  
  • Gaining weight at a rapid pace…5-10lbs or so per year  
  • Chronically exhausted. No matter what. Naps were the norm.  
  • Losing my sex drive faster than an ice cream cone melts in summer!  

Bottom line: This was not the life I wanted. 

And then something clicked and I finally got tired enough of being sick and tired and not having the life I wanted

I stopped hoping my doctors would figure out what was going on and actually help me. I decided to take full responsibility for my health. I was done following the advice of so-called experts. I was done following the rules.

I knew I had to heal my body first so I enrolled into multiple functional nutrition certification programs. I figured out how to use food for healing the body, the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection and practical techniques and strategies for creating lasting behavior change.  

I followed a strategic plan to heal my gut, balance my hormones and restore good blood sugar management and replenish deficiencies in vital minerals, vitamins and nutrients my body needed.  

I resisted and finally gave into the power of a solid daily practice of stillness and inner connection via meditation. 


I had to decide I was willing to do whatever it took to get healthy. (Running around doing a whole bunch of different things was time and money wasted…it was time to do things much more organized, strategic, science-based and right for my body).  

If I wanted to start feeling better in my body without jumping from diet to diet, cleanse to cleanse, supplement to supplement, I had to get strategic and work smarter – not harder. I had been working against my body for so long, forcing it do things it didn’t have the nutrients to carry out.  

If I wanted to wake up each day feeling happy and hopeful, I had to choose those thoughts and feelings, despite what was happening in my environment. 

If I wanted to feel like a brand-new person with a body and life that felt amazing, I had to start doing the things a person like that would do. I had to set boundaries. I had to say what I had to say, no matter who didn’t like it. I had to change my mindset about what was possible for myself in all areas of my life.  

And so, I did. I began creating my life. On purpose.  

I created a body I love more and more, the older I get. I created more location-freedom than I ever thought possible working pool-side, beach-side or wherever I desire. I created a business that I’m totally in love with that has meaning, purpose and a big-ass mission to heal the world! I created more freedom of expression to just be me…all of me, all of the time.  

Are you ready to create healing and freedom for yourself too? 

So how does a 40 something busy working women who hates exercise and loves carbs and cheese lose 30 lbs and counting? Magic? Pills? Some crazy fad diet? Nope, none of that.  

The answer: I turned to Chinyere Williams. I have known Chinyere for almost 10 years. Over the last few years, she has dedicated herself to not only finding her healthy goals but also helping others find theirs, including me.  

I had been gaining weight, not fast but slowly over the years. I was tired and not feeling my best. I had tried other weight loss programs before- South Beach, Jenny Craig - all with great short term success but not long term results. This time, I wanted something long term.  

Chinyere's approach is individualized and encouraging. She goes at your pace, making you comfortable with simple changes in your diet and exercise routine. Then, before you know it, the way you eat has changed, and you can hardly believe it, but you are also exercising on a regular basis. Wait a minute... Me exercise? Chinyere does have some magic up her sleeve to make that happen!!  

This is not a quick fix diet; it really is a lifestyle change that you can stick with that results in long-term success.  

I am still on my journey, and I slip up on occasion, but I know Chinyere is there for me when I need it. I'm proud of the 30lbs I lost, and I couldn't have done it without Chinyere.  

-Tina Roberts, Charlotte, NC 


You go from repeated bald and thinning hair spots due to Discoid Lupus to a head full of beautiful hair with no missing spots  

… just like my client Benedict.  

You go from barely able to walk, extreme pain and chronic fatigue due to Lupus and several other autoimmune conditions to running up the stairs in your home, working in your garden and putting time in the gym…

… just like my client Latonya  

You go from inflamed, bloated and anxious after spinal surgery to rested, craving free, 15lbs lighter (without intense exercise!) and having a repaired digestive system.

… just like my client Amanda

And in my own life, I’ve been able to:

  • Normalize my thyroid hormones and lower my antibodies 
  • Bring my A1c under 5.5 
  • Clear up all the acne along my jawline 
  • Rebalance my hormones going from 4 periods per year to predictable periods each month, sans the OLD PMS symptoms  
  • Rejuvenate my sex drive (and save my relationship from disaster) to where it’s even better today! 
  • Drop a career I felt trapped in “for the money and stability” and create something totally new that provides such immense joy, gratitude, purpose and freedom! 
  • Create a life where I can travel and work from where I am…or take days off and not work at all! 
  • Prioritize my self-care without guilt, shame, embarrassment or worry Isn’t this the life we’re meant to have?  
  • Develop a deep, inner peace amidst so much chaos, hurt and confusion in the world  

Isn’t this the life we’re meant to have? 


If you’re like me, you’ve tried to get there already but it didn’t work. You’ve probably:  

  • Tried the ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting, cleansing, detoxing…starved yourself, lost a few pounds of water weight or regained some energy but before you knew it, you plateaued and things stopped moving forward. Or, it was just too hard to maintain so you gave up.  
  • Focused a lot of your energy on fitness…running marathons. Doing kickboxing or HIIT workouts. Dropping small fortunes on gym memberships and Personal Trainers but no matter what, you can’t get the results to stay. And it’s just really fucking hard in the meantime.  
  • Hired other practitioners to work with but either they didn’t “get you and your situation” or they pumped you full of a million supplements you struggled to take each day and that were costing you another small fortune without even being confident if it would work, what you’re taking or why you’re taking it.  
  • Beat yourself up thinking it’s all about willpower and discipline and feeling like a huge failure each time you “cheated” or “fell off the bandwagon” or simply had a human moment.  

So, the good news is I’ve done all of those things too. I 100% get it. And it’s totally fucking frustrating. You can start to wonder if something is wrong with you, maybe your body is just too broken to heal. Maybe this IS the life you’re doomed for…  


You need a customized solution created with you, designed by an expert who understand who you are and what you're here to achieve!

There are millions of stories out there on how people have healed themselves from all kinds of illness. They've each done things a little different and so should you! I’m not here to give you a cookie-cutter program, I’m here to help you find your own path forward. I’m here to share with you how I created mine.⚡  



The 6-month high-touch VIP Mentorship for executives, veteran entreprenuers and women who have shit to do. Women who are ready to elevate to their next level of success or the next chapter in their life!

Women who know it's time to transcend their autoimmune and chronic illness symptoms and who want to be guided and supported as they work through the self-limiting beliefs, hardwired perceptions, attitudes, and feelings that get in the way of them creating more of a life they love. 


  • A deep-dive physical health assessment that serves as the basis for your tailored D.R.E.S.S. protocol (D=diet, R=rest, E=exercise, S=sleep, S=supplementation) 
  • TWO (2) Functional Diagnostic tests (e.g. Functional Blood Chemistry, DUTCH Sex & Adrenal Gland Hormone Test, GI-Map Stool for your gut, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis or Heavy Metal testing) so we have all the quantitative data we need to create a plan that will work, based on facts (no guessing!) – for you! 
  • One (1) in-person VIP Day in NYC midway through program
  • A 2-hour individually curated kick-off session to review your customized plan, answer questions and begin designing your new life
  • Twelve (12), sixty-minute video coaching sessions to implement your customized protocol, work through mindset blocks, external challenges and anything else that comes up 
  • 24/7, unlimited text and voice note support via Voxer – got questions? Ask away! Feeling stuck or unsure? Let’s work it out! 
  • Free access to all new content (programs, courses, events) created while working together
  • Handouts, recipes, suggested meal plans, checklists, meditations, affirmations, etc. as needed
  • Unlimited access to over 10-hours of Functional Nutrition & Holistic Lifestyle education training videos while working together  



Before joining this program I was experiencing anxiety from being overwhelmed with work and personal life challenges. I was drinking wine and taking Advil PM support every night to help me to fall asleep. I would get up during the night from sleeplessness, to use the bathroom or bad dreams. I had severe neck pain and arthritic stiffness. 

While on this program I learned to exhale and lay out all life challenges, create a plan of attack and just execute my plans. I learned to divide and conquer by pushing things back to the source if not my responsibility and only own my own tasks. I learned that making this plan and putting it in writing allowed me to free my mind to have better control of my sleep and night stress.  

I have put more focus on my health and decisions and spend more time working on the things that matter and make me healthier and by doing this I feel stronger and much less pain.  

I laugh out loud and really mean it now and I sleep like a baby with less wine and absolutely no PMs. I wake refreshed and start my day by thanking my creator first then exercising and lastly starting my work. I have learned that balance is very important. 

My biggest take away is that the wine is depleting my body of vital nutrients and actually interfere in my sleep when I thought it was helping. Another one was learning of some of the items that add toxins to my life like candles that used to be burned in my home daily.  

I now purchase better choice candles I actually feel like I can live a healthy life void of medications and issues with my hormones. I have learned my triggers and know what to do to avoid taking sleep meds and pills for hot flashes.  

I love knowing that I have control of my life and body by the foods and supplements best for my body. I now feel empowered to go forward with a plan for a pain free, healthy and thin life.  



  • You are 100% serious and dedicated to creating a quantum leap in your health + life in the next six months 
  • You are done following the plans other people have created for themselves. You’re ready to figure out what your body needs and give it that. 
  • You understand the power in having a mentor you can just align and attune to so you can perform at a higher level  
  • You value inner growth, mastery, results and have respect for the integration process
  • You realize figuring this out on your own is taking too long and you'd rather focus your time and energy on other parts of your life 
  • You want life to feel more flow and ease in your life. And you’re prepared to get a little uncomfortable in order to shift away from old patterns, beliefs and behaviors so you can start having what you desire.  


  • You are currently struggling to make ends meet at home  
  • You want a mentor who will dictate your every move because you don’t believe you in your ability to tune into what your body needs and deliver it  
  • You don’t full believe healing is possible and you doubt you can ever have a life that feels free and easy  
  • You do not take full ownership for where you are now and where you want to go.
  • You’re still waiting for the magic pill or solution.  
  • You are not willing to be curious, adventurous or resourceful. I am here to guide, lead, support, motivate. I am not here to babysit.

  You have transformed my life and my families’ life. You have given me hope to live full again in ways I haven’t in nearly 30 years. I see the results and now am one of your gut repair disciples! I knew in my heart there was a solution to my digestive, skin, exhaustion issues. I just had no idea they were all linked to my gut. 

Your holistic approach, wisdom, knowledge and personal experience with your own autoimmune issues was just what I needed when I couldn’t get answers from my doctors. Im so grateful for all you’ve taught me about caring for my gut and body and how these lessons have helped me developed a new discipline that’s spilling over into other areas of my life that have been dormant. Because of you my 2019 is bright and I will manifest all my dreams in due time.  



Investing in high-level transformational coaching can be scary as fuck. I totally get it, I’ve done it multiple times myself!

I'm sure it would be awesome to work with you, but I'm not here to convince you to invest in this (or any) program.  

I just want to remind you that your intuition is never wrong. But it can still be scary...even when your gut is screaming "do it, do it."  

The mentors, coaches and support I invest in are usually at the $10K and up level - and I still get butterflies in my stomach when I say yes.  

But I usually know it's right even before I say yes. I find myself visiting their website multiple times, stalking them on social media, reading their emails and basically becoming obsessed with what they do, how they do it, how they think, etc...

I daydream about the transformation I'm going to have by working with them...how much time and energy I'm going to SAVE by learning from them. I FEEL such a strong “yes” whenever I think about working with them.  

Listen, being on the fence sucks! It's not who I am and I doubt it's who you are either. If you're reading this, you are a doer and a 'get-her-done' kind of person.  

You take calculated risks and you are hell-bent on succeeding. You’re a woman with BIG shit to accomplish. And you know you need a thriving mind-body to do it.  

TIME is a NON-RENEWABLE resource. Don't let this decision drag on forever. I offer complimentary Freedom Clarity Calls so you can get to an easy 'HELL YES' or a simple 'No.'

Don't worry, the call isn't aggressive or intense. There are no high-pressure sales tactics and you don't have to pay me money over the phone (unless of course you're such a "HELL YEAH" that you want to!) 

Full transparency, the ONLY OBJECTIVE of the Freedom Clarity call is to make sure this is right for you and right for me. I’d love to help you explore this opportunity if the invitation is calling you to say yes.  

When I began working with Chinyere I was experiencing: pain in my back, knee and hip, sleep issues, lack of energy and high stress.  

I had tried different things with no luck and had been dealing with these issues for a few years. I had been trying to self diagnosis/treat myself. I’ve been following Chinyere for a while and decided I needed professional help, because I was not getting much help from my doctors.  

I was so tired of my joint pain. I honestly felt that if I committed myself it would work. No skepticism, because I trusted the source.  

Today, my lower back does not hurt any more. Every morning I used to get out of bed and say,”oh my aching back”. I’m no longer bloated and gassy anymore and I lost 10 pounds! Life is good. I just need to stay focused and keep working the plan. I do have some issues with my Thyroid which I recently found out. May be the root cause of my fatigue. Doctor said I have arthritis in my knee and hip. Each day I wake up is a day for me to get a little better.  

My aha moment is when I finished the 10 week program it was truly a challenge and I had never did a program that long. I was able to realize nuts are a problem for me (inflammation and weight). For 10 weeks I was focused and stayed on track; even when attending events that had food I could not eat. I’m very proud of myself!  




 OPTION 1: $9K PAY IN FULL (Save $600)