About Chinyere


Welcome!  I’m Chinyere Williams (pronounced “Sha-nar-yee” – and rhymes with “canary”), and I’m so glad you’re here. Press play to hear a little about me!

I’m a Coach for Women (and men)!

I help women in the prime of their life take massive action to create the life they TRULY love!  I coach my clients on all things diet, nutrition, general wellness, holistic living, environmental toxins (in the home) AND…relationships, career, finances, life aspirations and whatever else comes up!  

I create digital courses, customized nutrition and lifestyle programs to help you understand the deep connection between mind + body + spirit.  I provide clarity on how your body functions and tips/tools you can easily implement (yes, even if you’re a busy executive, mother or otherwise time-challenged women!) to ensure your success.  You’ll finally understand how your habits, beliefs and the food you eat, affects all parts of your body and physiology.  

As a result of the work we do, you can expect to lose weight (if weight loss is not your goal, we can ensure your diet contains enough calories to avoid weight loss), have more energy, eliminate brain fog and the memory problems often associated with old age and menopause.  You will learn to stop SURVIVING life and start THRIVING in the life you get to create! 

My mission is to help you #RiseUp and claim your power

I live in Brooklyn, NY and used to have a successful career as a software development Project Manager for some of the major banks on Wall Street.  I thought I was destined for the 20+year corporate grind.  I did get to travel a bit though, working for periods of time in Milan and Madrid and visiting other really cool places like Brazil and South Korea.  Underneath though, I had a feeling I was supposed to be doing something else…something more fulfilling for my soul.

Following my intuition, I started Helping Bodies Heal in 2014.  My  intention was to simply empower women to believe they do not have settle for a life that sucks!

Originally focused on healing the body, I began by helping people all over the world (I’ve even had a client in Singapore!) upgrade their health with my signature programs and digital nutrition courses.

I want to help you:

  • Feel sexy, strong and confident inside your body, (whatever that may look like for you!) without diets and starvation
  • Avoid wasting any MORE money on poor quality supplements and other gimmicks designed to sell you fake or short-term results.
  • Land the next promotion, start the business of dreams, go on a first date or simply gain massive clarity on what you ACTUALLY want for your life!
  • Develop an arsenal of tools to bust through stress and improve your physical, mental and emotional health
  • Learn how to create habits and routines that support the life you’re actively creating
  • Eat better without giving up everything you love!  And, starving NOT allowed.

I believe you are amazing.  I believe the human body is amazing. And I believe healing of the mind, body and spirit can happen at any time.  I believe you are capable of living up to your fullest potential when you choose to live in alignment with your talents, gifts and purpose.  

I’m passionate about helping you bring your gifts to the world because they are needed!

Between the 3 years I invested in educating myself on holistic living, functional nutrition, transformational coaching, PLUS my own health journey, life experiences  and working with dozens of clients – I’m ready and able to provide you with the high caliber mentorship you need to take the next bold, step in your life.

Are you ready to move beyond a life that’s “ok” to a life you literally want to write home about?  Are you ready for AMAZING?  Are you ready for more joy, satisfaction, strength, resiliency, money, love and purpose?

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