About Chinyere

Welcome!  I’m Chinyere Williams, the Freedom Expert & Functional Nutrition Coach. I help shine the light on the deeper root causes of your dis-ease so you can heal them and begin to create the lifestyle of freedom you truly desire!

I create customized nutrition and lifestyle programs to help you understand the deep connection between mind + body + spirit.  

I guide you to the clarity you need to better understand how your body functions, providing the tips and tools you can implement quickly, to achieve success.

Once you understand how your thoughts, feelings and mental patterns create the experience you feel and learn how to shift into more support habits, beliefs and behaviors, you’re able to breakthrough and claim all the desires of your heart! 

I believe you are amazing.  I believe the human body is amazing. And I believe healing of the mind, body and spirit can happen at any time.  I believe you are capable of living up to your fullest potential when you choose to live in alignment with your talents, gifts and purpose.

I’m passionate about helping you bring your gifts to the world because they are needed!

I guide you clients back to yourself by combining the scientific and clinical approach of Functional Nutrition with the art of Spiritual Healing.  My work is designed for women who are looking to uncover and heal the true root cause of their dis-ease, find more peace and calm in their mind and connect more deeply to their self expression and purpose.

I am a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the Functional Nutrition Alliance, The Transformational Coaching Method and many other programs in the field of holistic nutrition and wellness, with over 4 years working with clients in groups and in private, 1:1 coaching.  After experiencing chronic illness for over 5 years, I permanently healed using the approach I now teach my clients.

Prior to coaching, I spent 2 decades in corporate America working as a software development Project Manager for Wall Street banks.  During those 20 years I experienced the crumbling of health and vitality for myself and witnessed it with co-workers due to physical, mental and emotional stress; the loss of connection with ourselves; and poor self-care practices.  My deep passion for helping women return to wholeness through deep healing, was sparked by this experience. 

If you feel called to take the next step on your healing journey of with me, click here apply for a COMPLIMENTARY Freedom Clarity Call.