It's time to heal your body from dis-ease symptoms by re-defining the rules so you can keep crushing your goals

You ready?

You’re here because your timeline for securing that C-suite level promotion or up-leveling your biz to the 6-figure per year mark, is quickly coming due and your symptoms have become a huge burden and distraction away from your goals 

You're here because all the late nights at the office or working on your latest project, the poor eating habits and too much worrying about every single detail in your attempt to remain "perfect," are impacting your stamina, focus and energy

You're here because you have achieved the success you desire and now the real toll it's taken on your health and the mess it's made in some areas of your life, has become more than you can ignore 

You feel guilty for secretly wanting to put yourself first and focus on your health. And, the thought of setting boundaries with certain people in your life terrifies you.  


(And this is NOT how you function at your best!)

Hi, I'm Chinyere Williams. coach for executives, veteran entrepreneurs and women who have shit to do. Women who are ready to transcend their autoimmune and chronic illness symptoms, elevate to their next level of success, and create a life they love, centered on self-love, acceptance and expression.  

Women like you hire me to: show you how to get a grip on the unwanted changes happening in your body...learn how to consistently do the things you already know you should do yourself...get the guidance and support you need to make life changes in a safe, judgement-free container for healing. 

Your result?  

More energy, more feel-good days, more clarity, more joy and MORE FREEDOM to live life by your design!

Not long ago I was in the prime of my corporate career as a Project Manager for banks on Wall Street. I worked a gazillion hours per week, always with unrealistic deadlines, lots of business travel and too many months and years with insufficient sleep and poor sleep patterns.  

I found myself at a mid-life crossroad. I had spent all of my life following the rules, making sure I checked all the boxes (college degree, 6-figure VP job and a great life in NYC) and chasing the career I thought I wanted.  

And then I started noticing symptoms in my body that weren't cool. (Diagnoses: PCOS first…then Hashimoto’s…then PMS).  

The fatigue was unrelenting. My sex drive was non-existent (so much for happy relationship!). And the constant bloating, acne, constipation and 3 weeks per month of PMS - was unbearable.  


Wasn't I doing all the right things? Working hard at my career (12+ hour days, lots of late nights, travel...little sleep, go, go, go!) I had always been a problem solver. A doer. A figure-outer. And yet I couldn’t crack the code on what was happening to my body, my health or my life.  

I had to finally admit I didn’t even know myself. I had been so busy "making it" that I didn’t know what my body needed - so I spent A LOT of time & money throwing EVERYTHING at it...supplements, herbs, teas, bars, name it! (Probably like you?)

And, I had no connection to my true feelings or emotions. It was just easier to stay on the surface, plow through my to-do lists, and fake like everything was "fine!"  

After a while though, I began to notice my symptoms were getting in the way of productivity, creativity and my personal life. I knew in order to keep advancing towards my dreams, I had to make a way to prioritize my health and end the drag on my energy, stamina, focus and time.  


  • My health rebounded and I felt 25 again! 
  • I figured out what my body needed and gave it that - often
  • I decided to make a 180 shift from corporate world to entrepreneur to start a business helping women heal just like I had
  • I learned how to set clear boundaries; gave up the need to be perfect; and stopped running my life on autopilot
  • I understood and healed the connection between owning my own voice and self-expression and my wellbeing
  • I defined a new version of freedom and began living THAT life!  

Wondering if you could do the same? 

Yes, you absolutely can!