Hey Sis!

If you've found your way here, you're probably looking for some clarity, answers and a change in some area (or areas) of your life -- health, career, relationship, finances, family, etc.

I'm happy to tell you, you're in the right place. Not because I have the answers for you, but because I can guide and help you find them for yourself, which is way, way better!!

The key is helping you tune into what your answers are and that's where Radical Truth comes into play!


Simply put, you can't create a life that feels joyful, juicy and fulfilling if you:

...have no idea what that even looks and feels like for yourself

...if you're too afraid of what others will think

...if you get caught up in how it's possibly going to happen

...if you doubt you deserve it

The first step in transformation begins with very simple but potent questions like:

What do you really want? What do you no longer want? What is getting in the way of you having your desires?

The true answers to these questions -- what's there after you remove all the opinions and expectations of others...after you block out the voice in your head telling you it's not possible...after you dare to allow yourself to dream big for just a minute and tap into what makes your stomach flutter with excitement...

Those answers are where you begin to create the life of freedom you long for. And that is exactly what Radical Truth is designed to help you achieve.




Here is how things will flow:

This course includes three training modules and a welcome party.

The welcome party will be on Tuesday, February 8th at 8pm EST.

All trainings and the party will be hosted live + recorded for you.

All trainings will be hosted via Zoom on Tuesday's at 8pm EST. If you can't attend live, no worries sis; You'll have lifetime access and unlimited replays to everything + any future modules or upgrades I make to the program. I've got you covered!

There will be time for Q&A at the end of each training class so you walk away with everything you need to begin designing your life of conscious freedom.


Module 1: Getting clear on what you DO want

  • Uncover what YOU truly want once you remove the limitations you've put on what is possible, shed the expectations of others, dare to get radically honest and dream big!
  • Connecting to your BIG WHY - why are these things important to you? How do they assist you in creating the life you desire?
  • Setting up your daily non-negotiable's for success.

Module 2: Getting clear on what you DON'T want

  • Uncover what isn’t working in your life (health, relationships, money, career, etc.) 
  • Understand the specific impact your dissatisfaction is having on other areas of your life like your health, sleep, anxiety, stress, mood, etc.
  • Setting and maintaining boundaries with family, kids, friends, work and everything in between.

Module 3: Understand why you keep the Unwanted state active in your life

  • Uncover your unique programming that allows you to tolerate, settle, repress and ignore your feelings and keep the unwanted patterns, habits, people, places and things, active in your life. #ThisIsFreedom
  • Learn about your 3 Brains and how the impact every decision you make, even the ones you refuse to make!
  • Begin to shift away from the things you do not want and focus more of your time and energy on what you do want by tapping into the power of different brain wave states. #EverythingIsEnergy

Weekly LIVE Q&A where we unblock you from anything that happened in-between the group calls to keep your energy up & momentum going 

A Private Community Space to connect with like-minded Sistas on the RISE! 

Meditation for cultivating more Self-Love to help you create the positive mindset and high vibe you need to sustain your transformation efforts, especially on the days where life is tougher than usual.




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Free 20-minute Private Coaching Call with Chinyere

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Radical Truth

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Hey girl, I'm Chinyere!

I’m here to help and guide you along the path of Unbecoming the old and played-out thoughts, habits, belief-systems and past hurts that are keeping what you don't want, active in your life.

By leveraging both my professional education and personal experiences to hold the sacred space within which you can transform. This is a judgment-free zone filled with tons of compassion, empathy and a healthy dose of “sis, get it together,” when needed (cause sometimes we need that kick in the ass). 

Through this work I have created FREEDOM for myself that looks and feels like:

  • Freedom from the opinions, expectations and rules that other people attempt to impose on me
  • Freedom to unapologetically create and maintain boundaries for my own physical, mental and emotional well-being
  •  Freedom to be led by my intuition and remain grounded in myself, despite what is happening in the world around me

It has been this healing journey that's called me to share the wisdom, tools and strategies I've learned. For my clients I am here to hold the sacred, energetic space for them to heal and transform.

Things my clients say...