A Six Month Container Designed To Support Your HEALING & FREEDOM!  


Along with working with me in my private coaching program, The Freedom Creators Mastermind gives you the support, guidance and proven strategies to help you heal.

I've used these practices to successfully heal from autoimmune disease AND chronic illness WHILE creating a life of freedom I never thought possible...now! (Not years down the road in old age) 

I've learned from personal and professional experience that all we truly long for is FREEDOM!

"The Freedom Creators MasterMind!! Today was MIND BLOWING! Gathering with like minded women was like changing!! I can’t wait until we meet again! Chinyere YOU ARE AWESOME!!"  

- Aretha B. from Maryland

Do You Imagine a Life Where You...

Wake up every day feeling fit and healthy and able to pursue your goals and dreams

Express yourself through your words, actions, work and ideas that are in alignment with your authentic self

Have the freedom of time! No clock to punch, no hectic schedule that drains you, no commitments you don't want to fulfill...just plenty of time to focus on self-care, spend time with your loved ones, and do the things you cherish most

Can live and work anywhere and have the freedom to travel to exotic places! Live a lifestyle driven by your loftiest desires, not your limited circumstances or self-limiting beliefs 

When you join The Freedom Creators Mastermind you'll get a front row seat to the knowledge and strategies that will help you define the lifestyle you want! 

About The Freedom Creators Mastermind:

"I feel like being apart of this group is a super bonus to the work I'm already doing with Chinyere. It felt great to hear from other women who are also on a journey to emotional and physical wellness. We have a lot of the same challenges and triumphs, and It's comforting to know; I AM NOT ALONE! It's also inspiring to have a coach that is so well informed and opened to sharing her knowledge with us."

- Venus K. from New York

The Freedom Creators Mastermind

Is the solution you've been looking for:

★ Learn the approach I use and teach my private clients, so YOU can reverse chronic illness permanently

★ Learn how to stay grounded and high vibe - especially when things aren't going as planned or the world around you feels chaotic

★ Discover the REAL YOU that's longing to emerge

★ Finally feel confident enough to unleash the potential that you've suppressed for far too long

★ Experience a life that drives you to be the best version of YOU!


Isn't it about time to...?

➺ Put an end to the nagging symptoms of chronic illness, once and for all? 

➺ Let go of the false belief that you should "accept what life brings" instead of consciously creating what you truly desire? 

➺ Put yourself - and your desires! - back on your list of priorities, NOW! 

➺ Use your innate strength, courage and confidence to live your life's purpose?

➺ Achieve the healing, purpose and income you deserve?

➺ Experience *EVERYTHING* your heart desires, no matter how big or small?

About The Freedom Creators Mastermind:

"It was nice to share and listen to the experiences that the other women were having. I also found the self-development exercises to be very beneficial!!"

- Kimberly W. from Indiana

But listen, if you...

✦ Are looking for a quick fix, magic pill or the latest fad diet or fitness craze

✦ Believe your genetics are solely responsible for your autoimmune, chronic disease or functional illness

✦ Aren't ready to take full responsibility for creating the life you want to live

✦ Just want recipes and a meal plan

Then, I don't think this is the best fit for you right now...I offer the tools for genuine life transformation that takes dedication, but the rewards are undeniable...

 I am an active person with a good metabolism (thank you, genetics!) so I never had to watch my weight until I hit 40. I run, bike, ski, and chase around a grandchild. But then I started that steady climb of “a couple of pounds every year” until I was up to the heaviest I had ever been. At the time, breakfast was a Coke and a Milky Way Bar. Yes – really. 

I joined Weight Watchers at work, stopped the junk food and took off 20 pounds. Yay, me! But I had gotten into the Fat Free, Low Fat, Low Calorie thing as well. I was at a good weight, but not eating healthy. 

I credit Chinyere, whom I have worked with for many years, with redefining healthy eating for me. I saw her personal struggles with weight, dieting and fitness. And I saw her find her way to good health. Throughout her transformation, she was offering me advice on everything – she answered questions about healthy fats, vitamins, supplements, essential oils, cholesterol and sugars. 

Most important, she provided facts and research to back up her answers. She convinced me to give up things that I never thought I could do without – the Diet Coke that replaced regular Coke, the artificial sweeteners – and add things that I thought were taboo or just plain weird: healthy fats, full-fat versions of dairy, chia seeds, flax seeds, coconut oil…the list goes on. 

We don’t know how long we have in this life – don’t you want to make the most of every day? Thank you, Chinyere, for helping me to see the light. My running is easier, I have more stamina, my migraines are more manageable. And I can keep up with my granddaughter!


What's included?

You get access to my energy, expertise and support! I'll stick with you until you reach your ideal life! I don't believe in half-baked "honeymoon mentorship" whatsoever...!

How does it work?

➺ We'll do monthly group meetings on Zoom. Our monthly calls will include a variety of activities and topics to keep things fun, engaging and transformational.

➺ We'll discuss trending topics like: Is the Keto diet safe for you? How should you practice Intermittent Fasting? Is juicing actually beneficial for health? What are the myths surrounding detox diet plans?

➺ I'll share journal prompts, affirmations, meditations, rituals and more to help you uncover what you need to do to kick long-standing roadblocks to the curb!

➺ We'll discuss the latest science on gut health, stress, sleep, hormones, functional testing, quantum physics, brain/heart coherence and more

➺ We'll have guest speakers too! Other Practitioners who can share their knowledge, expertise and best practices in what they do, covering a variety of topics from essential oils to the Emotional Freedom Technique (a.k.a. "tapping"), and everything in between!

➺ You'll gain access to my vault of over 10 hours of functional nutrition and holistic lifestyle video trainings covering: gut health, food sensitivities, hormone balancing, sugar cravings, gluten, the harmful effects of chemical toxins in your home and so much more!

➺ We'll also have a private Facebook Group so we can share our progress and support each other! I'm holding Office Hours twice per week so you have the consistent support you need.


What some clients have said...in their own words

Here's the bottom line...

If you're ready to explore higher possibilities for your health and your life...

If you've been needing the right kind of support...

Analyzing the pro's and con's...

Waiting for a sign that this is the right time...

Then look no further, beacuse the time is NOW.

I'll bring you the energy, mindset and practices I've successfully used to heal my own Hashimoto's and PCOS (without medication)...

I'll share how I found the courage to leave an unfulfilling six-figure corporate job to create a business and lifestyle of freedom for myself, I never thought possible!  

And I'm giving it to you for an affordable investment!


I love the supportive advice Chinyere has always given me! 

She is very attentive in the group and has helped me many times with better food suggestions for a healthier life and immunity boosting ideas when I dealt with a major sinus infection and ongoing cold. 

I've loved the results I received from her educated suggestions and caring advice.

Michelle Wisdom-Ellis, Mastic Beach, New York

About The Freedom Creators Mastermind

"I enjoyed the fellowship and camaraderie of women who share similar experiences as me and yet, live completely different lives. It's important and therapeutic to know that you are not alone and be able to share and hear from others while developing goals and changing habits. It's like reinventing yourself with a new community."  

- Barbara S. from New York



When you Upgrade to VIP you recieve a private monthly 1:1 coaching call for SIX MONTHS!


Enroll by May 20th to save $$$ AND get the BONUS!

Why spend 1:1 time with me?

When video conferencing with me each month, you'll have my full attention and I'll get to know you on a deeper level! I'll offer my knowledge, wisdom and experience to help you uncover solutions to YOUR SPECIFIC challenges.

I'll be honest, this lack of personal attention and support is probably why it's been so difficult for you to make quantum leaps into creating the healing and lifestyle of freedom you truly desire.

Our calls will be recorded so you don't miss a thing and you'll have access to the replay's forever! Access our session notes quickly and easily via the Client Portal of my online, HIPAA-compliant client management system, Practice Better.

I can only take a limited number of Mastermind VIP clients so if you know you'll need that added layer of support during your healing journey, act now!

Before joining this program I was experiencing anxiety from being overwhelmed with work and personal life challenges. I was drinking wine and taking PM support every night to help me to fall asleep. I would get up during the night from sleeplessness, to use the bathroom or bad dreams. I had severe neck pain and arthritic stiffness. 

While on this program I learned to exhale and lay out all life challenges, create a plan of attack and just execute my plans. I learned to divide and conquer by pushing things back to the source if not my responsibility and only own my own tasks. I learned that making this plan and putting it in writing allowed me to free my mind to have better control of my sleep and night stress.  

My biggest take away is that the wine is depleting my body of vital nutrients and actually interfere in my sleep when I thought it was helping. Another one was learning of some of the items that add toxins to my life like candles that used to be burned in my home daily.  

I now purchase better choice candles I actually feel like I can live a healthy life void of medications and issues with my hormones. I have learn my triggers and know what to do to avoid taking sleep meds and pills for hot flashes.  

I love knowing that I have control of my life and body by the foods and supplements best for my body. I now feel empowered to go forward with a plan for a pain free, healthy and thin life.

- Miltena Rembert, Jacksonville, Florida 


Hi, I’m Chinyere Williams, Freedom Expert & Functional Nutrition Coach 

I'm your guide through this 6-month journey!

I show women the path of deep healing - those who feel lost and uncomfortable in their bodies. I guide my clients back to themselves through Functional Medicine/Nutrition combined with the art of Spiritual Healing.

My work is designed for women who are looking to uncover and heal the true root cause of their symptoms, find more inner peace and connect more deeply to their life's purpose and self-expression to create a lifestyle of freedom.

I am a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the Functional Nutrition Alliance, The Transformational Coaching Method and many other programs in the field of holistic nutrition and wellness, with over 4 years of experience working with clients in groups and in private, 1:1 coaching. After living with chronic illness for over 5 years, I healed myself using the approach I now teach to my clients.

Prior to my coaching career, I spent 2 decades in corporate America working as a Software Development Project Manager for Wall Street banks. During those 20 years I suffered debilitating health issues and witnessed it with co-workers due to physical, mental and emotional stress; the loss of connection between themselves and Source; and poor self-care practices.  

My deep passion for helping women return to wellness through deep healing was inspired by this experience.


Meet Tina:

So how does a 40 something busy working women who hates exercise and loves carbs and cheese lose 30 lbs and counting? Magic? Pills? Some crazy fad diet? Nope, none of that. 

The answer: I turned to Chinyere Williams. I have known Chinyere for almost 10 years. Over the last few years, she has dedicated herself to not only finding her healthy goals but also helping others find theirs, including me. 

I had been gaining weight, not fast but slowly over the years. I was tired and not feeling my best. I had tried other weight loss programs before- South Beach, Jenny Craig - all with great short term success but not long term results. This time, I wanted something long term. 

Chinyere's approach is individualized and encouraging. She goes at your pace, making you comfortable with simple changes in your diet and exercise routine. Then, before you know it, the way you eat has changed, and you can hardly believe it, but you are also exercising on a regular basis. Wait a minute... Me exercise? Chinyere does have some magic up her sleeve to make that happen!! 

This is not a quick fix diet; it really is a lifestyle change that you can stick with that results in long-term success. 

I am still on my journey, and I slip up on occasion, but I know Chinyere is there for me when I need it. I'm proud of the 30lbs I lost, and I couldn't have done it without Chinyere. 

-Tina Roberts, Charlotte, NC 

Frequently Asked Questions


Membership begins the day you join and runs consecutively for 6 months


Given that you have immediate access to so much content and resources, refunds are not given.  

If you have been active and engaged in the membership content and activities but aren't happy about something, feel free to send me an email and let's work together to remedy the situation.  


No, access to the membership content - except for the monthly downloads I provide - will expire at the end of your membership. 


No worries! Each call will be recorded and available for replay within 24hours of the broadcast

Before working with Chinyere I was coming off of a spine surgery, feeling inflamed, bloated and anxious. 

Since then I have changed my relationship with natural food and came back to a healthier way of eating and living. I have repaired my digestive system and am free from cravings. 

I have lost 15 lbs since we began working together. <== note: without doing any intense exercise because of her surgery/recovery! 

My biggest ah-ha moment was learning how to calm down and integrate meditation. I have learned how stress affects my body and my healing. 

Life today feels easier, as I feel free from my food anxieties. I still continue to work towards lowering my stress, but I feel now that I have the proper tools to reset when I am overwhelmed.