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What’s your MF?

What’s your MF?  MF = Motivating Factor

We all have that one or two things that will motivate us enough to act.

Common motivating factors around health & wellness are:

  • Vanity — you want to look or appear a certain way on the outside to others
  • Pain — you take action to avoid pain or to reverse pain you’re in (physical or emotional pain)
  • Financial — you take action to save money
  • Family — you take action because of loved ones
  • Career — you take action to keep your job or for a new job/promotion

Back in 2013, my MF was vanity.  I saw a photo I’d taken with my bestie and all I could see what FAT!  My face, my mid-section, my arms — FAT.  And that was enough motivation for me to DECIDE TO DO SOMETHING.

Funny thing about motivation — it doesn’t last.

After you’ve been motivated to start taking action, one of the first things I recommend you do is start looking for your DEEPER WHY!

It’s the “WHY” that is going to keep you going, long after the motivation subsides.

When I saw the FAT photo back then, I began working out and eating a little better.  It wasn’t long though before those self-sabotaging thoughts/behaviors came back. I started telling myself things like  “no one can really tell I’m this big, I carry it well,” “he loves me no matter what.”  I started making up excuses like “work is so crazy, I don’t have time to workout today” and “it’s too hard finding food to eat that doesn’t include bread.”

I realized I needed to dig deeper inside myself and find my REAL WHY.

A few things came up:

  1. My doctor’s warning that I was headed towards diabetes and increasing my risk of breast cancer, both of which run in my family
  2. Avoiding the disease-care system we have in the U.S.
  3. Deeply desiring to be healthier and setting a good example for my young nieces
  4. Wanting to live a long, full life well into my 90’s – no disease, full mobility and a healthy brain
  5. Truly wanting to be a better person for me, I wanted to make myself proud of myself for doing something great for my current and future-selves

So let me ask you, are you:

  • Carrying around unwanted weight or having a hard time losing weight?
  • Suffering from chronic fatigue or feel like you should have more energy than you do?
  • Having frequent joint and/or muscle pain?
  • Battling depression and/or anxiety?  Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out all the time?
  • Dealing with digestive issues like constipation, bloating, acid reflux, diarrhea?
  • Having weak or thinning hair and nails?  Working overtime to hide skin blemishes?
  • Afflicted with hormone imbalance showing up as PMS, fibroids, poor sleep, weight and energy issues?

If you are, what is your MF to get started and your WHY to keep going?

I’ve come back to my many “WHY’s” thousands of times since 2013. They’ve helped me stay on track, even through the periods when I wasn’t as consistent about exercising or eating super clean.  My WHY’S have acted like those bumper-guards on bowling alley lanes — the ones they put up for kids so the bowling ball don’t go into the gutter every time — they’ve helped me stay on course through the ups and downs of life.

If you want to change your life, you’ll need more than just a motivating factor and a good why. You’ll need practical steps and new skills!

Transformation requires PRACTICAL STEPS like:

  • Having a specific, measurable, attainable goal — e.g. lose X pounds by X date
  • Accountability — someone/something to ensure you honor your commitments and take action
  • Information/Tools — new recipes, workout equipment & clothes, access to workouts to do at home, etc.
  • Support — e.g. boyfriend, friends, family to encourage you on those days you want to quit


  • Clear understanding of what’s going on inside your body so you can devise a REAL strategy to achieve your goals
  • How to read labels and what to look for to avoid falling prey to slick marketing
  • How to remove toxins from your home so you stop throwing fuel onto the flame
  • Supplementing smartly! Today’s food is less nutrient dense than our grandparents generation; sadly, you can’t get everything you need from what you eat.
  • Understanding how detoxification, hormones, stress, physical activity all play a role in what you’re experiencing

This may seem overwhelming.  And, it can be if you don’t know what you’re doing or don’t have access to the right resources to help you.  But you don’t have to do it alone.  Why not allow a trained expert guide you through this process?   

The reason I got into Coaching is because I went through this all alone.  At the time, I wasn’t even aware coaches like me existed and as a result of not know…

I wasted 6 years of my life trying to figure things out on my own, spending thousands of dollars on diet books, expensive acne treatments and products, gym memberships, supplements and personal trainers. Plus the emotional toll, the days I spent beating myself up because I couldn’t lose the weight and had no energy 85% of the time; feeling guilty about my lack of sex drive and worrying about the impact it was having on my relationship.  Feeling like this was how the rest of my life was going to be. 

You can have a different outcome.  You can get the help I wasn’t aware was available. I can help. With my years of professional development in Functional Nutrition, I have the skills and tools to help you achieve your goals. Just book a Clarity Call with me here and we can get started right away: https://helpingbodiesheal.com/claritycall

Suffering and living a life you don’t enjoy is optional. It’s a choice you’re making by the actions (or lack thereof) you take each day.  

As always, the ball is in your court.  

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