Work With Me

I am The Body Temple Luminary, lighting the path for women who feel lost and out of ease in their body. I guide my clients back to themselves by combining the scientific and clinical approach of Functional Medicine with the art of Spiritual Healing.

My work is designed for women who are looking to uncover and heal the true root cause of their dis-ease, find more peace and calm in their mind and connect more deeply to their self expression and purpose.

Via my signature program, The Body Temple Method you get to end the merry-go-round of symptom chasing and begin healing from the inside out.

The Body Temple Method is a deeply private journey back home, back to yourBody Temple. It is the healing of both the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; connecting you closer to who you really are, allowing you to fully step into all of your gifts and be who you are here to be.

Whether you’ve been suffering from Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Thyroid dysfunction or depression, chronic fatigue, severe anxiety or anything in between, healing all parts of you – body, mind and spirit – is The Body Temple Method. This is your path to true, long-lasting, easy, health, happiness and wealth.

If you feel called to take the next step on your healing journey of with me, click here to get started with a FREE Body Temple Illumination session.