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Are you tired of adding on pounds year after year, even though you don’t eat “that bad”?

Have you spent the past few years trying a million different “solutions” to address each of your symptoms separately?

Do you wish you understood what was happening inside your body so you could know EXACTLY what you should do to feel better? Wouldn’t it be nice to get off the merry-go-round of trying this thing or that other thing?

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Maybe you’ve tried the Whole30 Diet or Weight Watcher’s diet, thinking you just needed to rev up your metabolism and you’d be okay. But these short-term fixes aren’t addressing the root causes of your illness so relief is incomplete.

You want more for your life than what you have now. You want to be symptom free so you can take that vacation you’ve been putting off.

You want to feel lighter, stronger, and healthy.

You want to feel sexy, confident, alive and fun! You long to feel juicy and passionate towards your mate, something that’s been lacking for a while and you miss it.

You remember the days getting dressed didn’t involve a series of emotions and frustrations because back then, everything you owned, fit! These days you’re hot, sweaty and tired just trying to zip up your skinny jeans!

Worse part, you don’t even understand why you’re having these problems! You’ve tried everything and it doesn’t work for you but seems to work for everyone else right?

Like what the hell is that about?

You’re ready for a change but have no idea where to go. Your doctor isn’t much help in the 10-15 minutes you MIGHT get to speak with them about what you’re experiencing.

You’re working really hard because you’re committed to not giving up and you always do what you have to do to make things happen. You’ve been figuring things out all by yourself for a LONG time, you’re exhausted and you want some REAL help!

And now you’re ready to try something new, something you’ve never done before. You’re ready to listen to that voice in your gut that’s been saying “something’s missing” and figure out exactly what’s going on and what to do about it.


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Is this sounding familiar?

Do you feel stuck in an endless cycle of the same actions and same results?

I get it, I used to be right there too!

I used to be a NYC software development Project Manager who worked at a huge bank and thought I would have a career in corporate America.

I worked long hours, ate poorly, slept little and didn’t do much to take care of myself. But I was young and I felt good (back then) so it was ok. And it was fun sometimes too, I traveled to many places like Brazil and South Korea and got to work in Milan and Madrid each, for a year.

Underneath though, I had this feeling in my gut I was supposed to be doing something else with my life. That I had a deeper, more spiritual and fulfilling gift I was meant to be sharing with the world. I had no idea how or what that gift was nor how I would bring it to the world at that time.  I felt stuck in my corporate job because it paid the bills but after a while, I was just miserable.

Soon, my body starting showing signs of wear and tear – I began gaining weight, breaking out with acne on my face, experienced chronic fatigue, had no sex drive and had loads of digestive issues to boot.

Never one to back down from a challenge, I eventually sprung into action. At first I wasted valuable time trying to do it on my own.  Reading books, devouring anything on the web that sounded like it could help me feel better.  I tired almost every diet, detox and cleanse I could afford and usually got little to no relief.

Finally, I decided I needed the right help and began working with functional medicine doctors and health coaches to heal my body holistically. And it worked!  During my healing journey I became so passionate about holistic living, functional nutrition, autoimmune disease and the human body in general, that I made the leap to open my health coaching practice.

As the Universe would have it, I was laid off from my corporate job and given the sweetest blessing ever – the opportunity to pursue my purpose in life, to serve others as a guide along their holistic healing journey.

I’ve worked with dozens of women in my 3 years in business, helping them achieve amazing results like weight loss, increased energy, clearer skin, relief from digestive pain and happier sex lives!

I want that for you too.

What would you do in your life right now if you could magically snap your fingers and all your symptoms were gone and you could start living the life you really want?

You might be thinking you’ve tried everything already. You’re probably skeptical because nothing in the past worked. I’m sure you’re thinking you don’t have the money, or the time, or the energy or even the belief you can have what you really want.

But you can. You just have to choose to have it.

Believe me when I tell you, once you choose and take empowered action, the Universe will conspire in your favor to help you make it possible.

I’m living proof. I can show you how.

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