If you're here, you're ready for a big fucking change in your life. You're ready to step even more fully into your brave, bold and bad-ass self. You're ready to blow your own mind with what you can create in your life.

If you're here, you know you have the power - through your mind and your energy - to create a life you are ridiculously in love with. You've had experiences aligning your energy with your thoughts and feelings and manifesting exactly what you intended. You believe in possibility and have put yourself in the drivers seat of your own life.

Love, is this you? If so, read on cause you're exactly who I'm talking to!

Despite our bad-ass-ness, sometimes we feel stuck or lost along this journey...

Sometimes we run into challenges that we can't see or understand clearly and what we need is to learn a new way of looking at the situation; an upgraded perception.

Other times, we realize we have some old and outdated strategies, habits or practices that are in need of up-leveling.

And often, we need a little bit of all of that cause life + Covid + climate + politics + racism + misogyny...girl, shit can get real.

So beloved, if you're at a point along this journey of life and are feeling any or all of that, you're in the right place. I've got you!


Radical Truth is a 3 week live-taught course (with the vibe of a live workshop) designed to help you:

  • find the clarity
  • crystalize the vision
  • give yourself the permission
  • access the inner wisdom

To say yes to your true desires!

Without fear or worrying about:

  • judgement or expectations of others
  • how it's going to all happen; needing to control
  • failure or getting it wrong 
  • overwhelm or stress

Radical Truth was created with you in mind because:

  • you know you are worthy of a life you truly love
  • you’re ready to finally step out of patterns and old ways of thinking and being that you’ve outgrown
  • you unapologetically want more. More inner peace. More joy. More confidence. More fun. More ah-ha moments and miracles working in your favor.

This course includes a live welcome party to set the vibe + 3 live-taught modules, OFF social media (e.g. this is not taught in a Facebook group, thank God!). All modules contain information AND action steps because it is the application of knowledge that unlocks your inner wisdom, so you know exactly what the right move is or when it's time to do nothing at all.

And sis, here is some good news: you are not required to do all of the steps, take all of the actions according to MY pace or the pace of the course. That is why you have lifetime access, love. It is totally reasonable if it takes you 3 months to go through all of the material and implement the things in your daily life. It's all up to how quickly you want to move and what you can get your energy behind doing. This is not a race and you are in competition with no one!

You have access to A Private Community Space (off Facebook!) to connect with like-minded Sistas on the RISE to network, engage, support, etc. I'm also there to ask questions in case you can't make the live training! 

The welcome party will be on Tuesday, February 8th at 8pm EST.

Welcome party + all trainings will be hosted live + recorded for you.

All trainings will be hosted via Zoom on Tuesday's at 8pm EST. If you can't attend live, no worries girl; You'll have lifetime access and unlimited replays to everything + any future modules or upgrades I make to the program. I've got you covered!

There will be Q&A and hot seat coaching with each live training module. I've designed this to have the feel of a live workshop, not just a course. Each week we will gather to engage and connect with one another and for me to be available for your questions, to pick my brain, and get all the support and help I can provide so you consciously designing and living your life of freedom.


This week Chinyere is going to take you through processes to get super clear on what your most juicy, abundant, freeing and fun life looks-and-feels like. It's really hard to create something new if you have no idea what it looks like or more importantly, how you want to feel in it. She will walk you through practices to discern your own true dreams and those that may have been imprinted on your from your parents/family, society/culture or, your own limiting beliefs and boxes.


Now that you know what you do want, let's inventory what's currently showing up in your life that you're ready to release. In order to make room for more, you have to create space by letting go of what's no longer needed. Getting clear on how the unwanted things in your life are impacting your health, your sleep, energy, focus, mood, sex drive, stress and anxiety levels takes your truth to a whole new level. It sets you apart from the majority of your peers that are content sleep-walking through their lives. During this week Chinyere will guide you through practices to get clear on what thoughts, behaviors, perceptions and habits are no longer working in your favor. She will show you how to connect these things to how you're feeling physically, emotionally, mentally and vibrationally. This is THE KEY to unlocking inner freedom and creating more choice in every aspect of your life.


This is the fun part! This is where you take the vision of what you want and start to align it with the thoughts and feelings that motivate you to take empowered action towards your desires. Chinyere will share with you what is happening when you start to sabotage your own progress. What keeps you acting in exact opposition of the things you say you want. There is a biological, neurological and physical process that is happening and once you understand it, you can use that information to unleash your own inner wisdom. The inner wisdom that will naturally move you to the right thinking and feeling that leads you to doing the right thing at the right moments. Consistently.




There's nothing better when creating some big change in your life, than to have someone by your side to support you. Especially, if that someone is a trained expert in how to create and handle the process of change, gracefully and with flow and fun.

*To help you take your results from this program to the next level, be one of the first 5 to pay-in-full and you get FREE, Voxer Coaching for the first 5 days of the program, starting February 14-18th.

What is Voxer Coaching? Voxer is a free walkie/talking app that you can use to send text, voice notes and files through. In coaching it's used as a way for us to communicate, in real-time about anything that is coming up for you as you do the work in the course.

Whether we need to quickly hammer out a strategy to solve a challenge that's come up or, we need to sit back and discuss what inner block is coming up, preventing you from seeing things differently or taking action from an empowered position - Voxer makes it super easy, without needing to formally schedule a date and time to chat or having to be on the phone or video for an extended period of time.

To find out more about Voxer Coaching, including the days of the week and time I am available for it, click here. I will reach out to you via email if you are one of the first 5 who win the free 5-days of Voxer Coaching so keep an eye on your inbox after you check-out. Check Spam/Junk or Gmail Promotions tab, also .

Note: Voxer Coaching can be added as an additional service to anyone who joins the Radical Truth program. There are limited seats, so if you're interested, grab a yours while it's available. The checkout link will be disabled once I am at capacity for Voxer Coaching.

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Hey girl, I'm Chinyere!

I’m here to help guide you along the path of you unbecoming the old and played-out thoughts, habits, belief-systems and past hurts that are keeping what you don't want, active in your life.

I've been tested and prepared for this mission by professional education and a whole lifetime of personal experiences. I've been called and guided to show up fully embodied in all of my gifts to hold the sacred space for you to elevate and transform. This is a judgment-free space filled with tons of compassion, empathy and a healthy dose of “sis, get it together,” when needed (cause sometimes we need that kick in the ass). 

Through this inner journey, I have fallen back in love with myself for all of my amazingness and have more inner freedom and outer choice than I've ever experienced before. The FREEDOM I have looks and feels like:

  • Freedom from the opinions, expectations and rules that other people attempt to impose on me
  • Freedom to unapologetically create and maintain boundaries for my own physical, mental and emotional well-being
  •  Freedom to be led by my intuition and remain grounded in myself, despite what is happening in the world around me

It has been this healing journey that's called me to share the wisdom, tools and strategies I've learned. For my clients I am here to hold the sacred, energetic space for them to heal and transform. I'm here for more of us living the life we are amazed and totally in love with. I'm here for us showing up in all of our bravery, boldness, bad-ass-ness, vulnerability and truth.

Things my clients say...