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During the best of times, it can be a challenge to maintain a healthy diet, get proper rest and relaxation and attend to your own self-care. During the worst of times, those are often the FIRST practices to go! That was exactly how the ‘old’ me did things – before! But when my new business started falling apart in late...

How ‘people-pleasing’ leads to dis-ease

I confess, I’m a reformed people pleaser. And a former “good girl.” 30+ years of that belief system + other lifestyle habits and it’s no wonder my body broke down and ushered in Hashimoto’s, PCOS and severe PMS. My people-pleasing and good-girl routine looked like… 👉 feeling responsible for other peoples experiences and feelings 👉 saying yes when I wanted to...

Let’s talk supplements!

In today’s world, supplements are a necessary “evil” for most of us.  Many of today’s fruits and vegetables contain fewer amounts of vitamins and minerals than in years past. Due to soil erosion, overuse of pesticides, manufacturing chemicals leaching into our soil and current farming practices, our food is just not as nutrient-dense as it could be — or used...

6 Reasons You Need THE RIGHT Detox

Why you need THE RIGHT type of detox, now.  You: Eat canned tuna or sushi tuna more than 2-3 times per year.  Therefore you are accumulating mercury, lead and other toxins in your fat tissue. Drink tap or bottled water.  Plastic (BPA) leaches into your bottled water.  You can find detectable levels of  pharmaceuticals, pesticides, lead, chlorine, fluoride and other...