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What the PREbiotic?!

Probiotics get a lot of positive press both here and in the media.  In the field of nutrition, it’s one of the few areas that gets approval from just about everyone, a welcome change! I have put out a LOT of information on why probiotics are important and you should take them, daily. What I haven’t talked enough about –...

Dirty Secrets In Beauty & Cosmetic Products

I had a BLAST doing this Facebook live workshop with my friend and Forensic Toxicologist, Tamykah Anthony-Marston.   We revealed a few of the dirty little secrets in your beauty and cosmetic products. I studied environmental toxins with a leading expert in the field.  Even so, I walked away from this workshop more informed!  Many of the women who were on live, had...

Symptoms are your body’s way of asking for help

Symptoms are literally your body’s way of PLEADING with you to pay attention and help!  They are annoying so that you pay attention and take action. The most common symptoms are things like: weight management issues low energy / getting tired easily pain (joints, muscles, stomach, back, neck, legs, etc.) muscle weakness respiratory issues belly bloat / feeling heavy or...

The impact of too much vitamin D

There are clear benefits for having optimal levels of Vitamin D in the body. For instance, it: Primes and helps modulate the immune system; protecting against viruses, colds and respiratory infections Is responsible for pulling calcium from the GI tract and ensuring it gets to the bones Supports the tight gap junctions of the gut; protecting you against “leaky gut” and related symptoms...