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What’s your MF?

What’s your MF?  MF = Motivating Factor We all have that one or two things that will motivate us enough to act. Common motivating factors around health & wellness are: Vanity — you want to look or appear a certain way on the outside to others Pain — you take action to avoid pain or to reverse pain you’re in...

The science behind essential oils

Do you need to know the science behind essential oils?  If so, read on! For years people would talk about how wonderful essential oils. But, they could never explain WHY or HOW they worked. And this lack of  scientific data made me uninterested and doubtful. Thankfully, the Universe changed that. I am connected with doctors who explain the WHY and...

$1,029 in Essential Oils!

I fully intend to spend $1,029 over the next few months on doTERRA essential oils! That may sound insane and honestly a few months ago, I would have laughed at such an idea.  But only because I didn’t fully understand the power in these little bottles. The past few months I’ve gone from neutral about essential oils to a full-on...

4 things to know before your next doctor visit

I put together this list of 4 things to know before your next doctor visit from a chat I was having on Instagram this morning, social media has its upside! If you visit a “normal,” western-trained medical doctor to improve your current state of health, make note:  It is highly likely they are going to MISS KEY LABS.  For instance, they don’t...