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Let’s talk supplements!

In today’s world, supplements are a necessary “evil” for most of us.  Many of today’s fruits and vegetables contain fewer amounts of vitamins and minerals than in years past. Due to soil erosion, overuse of pesticides, manufacturing chemicals leaching into our soil and current farming practices, our food is just not as nutrient-dense as it could be — or used...

6 Reasons You Need THE RIGHT Detox

Why you need THE RIGHT type of detox, now.  You: Eat canned tuna or sushi tuna more than 2-3 times per year.  Therefore you are accumulating mercury, lead and other toxins in your fat tissue. Drink tap or bottled water.  Plastic (BPA) leaches into your bottled water.  You can find detectable levels of  pharmaceuticals, pesticides, lead, chlorine, fluoride and other...

The truth about BELLY FAT!

I’m sharing with you what no personal trainer, fitness magazine or possibly even your doctor, will tell you about BELLY FAT! You can’t out-exercise it. You can’t starve it out. It’s an INSIDE JOB! Watch, listen, learn. Then, reach out to me when you’re ready to take action. I have the tools you need to help you finally win the...

Torn between wanting a snack and looking like a snack?

IS THIS THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE?  This seems to be the life of many. BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY! Who wants to live batting themselves inside the snack aisle each trip to the grocery store? Whoever said this is the way life has to be? More importantly, why would you settle for this? YOU GET TO...