Written Testimonials - Helping Bodies Heal

Written Testimonials

You have transformed my life and my families’ life. You have given me hope to live full again in ways I haven’t in nearly 30 years. I see the results and now am one of your gut repair disciples! I knew in my heart there was a solution to my digestive, skin, exhaustion issues. I just had no idea they were all linked to my gut.

Your holistic approach, wisdom, knowledge and personal experience with your own autoimmune issues was just what I needed when I couldn’t get answers from my doctors. Im so grateful for all you’ve taught me about caring for my gut and body and how these lessons have helped me developed a new discipline that’s spilling over into other areas of my life that have been dormant. 

Because of you my 2019 is bright and I will manifest all my dreams in due time.

Cheryl Todmann, Brooklyn, NY

Before joining this program I was experiencing anxiety from being overwhelmed with work and personal life challenges.  I was drinking wine and taking PM support every night to help me to fall asleep.  I would get up during the night from sleeplessness, to use the bathroom or bad dreams.  I had severe neck pain and arthritic stiffness. While on this program I learned to exhale and lay out all life challenges, create a plan of attack and just execute my plans.  I learned to divide and conquer by pushing things back to the source if not my responsibility and only own my own tasks.  I learned that making this plan and putting it in writing allowed me to free my mind to have better control of my sleep and night stress.  I have put more focus on my health and decisions and spend more time working on the things that matter and make me healthier and by doing this I feel stronger and much less pain.  I laugh out loud and really mean it now and I sleep like a baby with less wine and absolutely no PMs.  I wake refreshed and start my day by thanking my creator first then exercising and lastly starting my work.  I have learned that balance is very important. My biggest take away is that the wine is depleting my body of vital nutrients and actually interfere in my sleep when I thought it was helping.  Another one was learning of some of the items that add toxins to my life like candles that used to be burned in my home daily.  I now purchase better choice candles I actually feel like I can live a healthy life void of medications and issues with my hormones.  I have learn my triggers and know what to do to avoid taking sleep meds and pills for hot flashes.  I love knowing that I have control of my life and  body by the foods and supplements best for my body.  I now feel empowered to go forward with a plan for a pain free, healthy and thin life.

Miltena Rembert, Jacksonville, FL

I was diagnosed with Discoid Lupus about 8 years ago, which meant my hair went from being full and healthy to thinning hair and patches on my scalp caused by the disease. I was given an ointment to control the flares, but noticed that once the area of my scalp that was affected was healed, another spot had developed; therefore, my Doctor threatened to place me on medications that came with many side effects which I was not looking forward to putting my body through.  I came to the realization that there should be a natural way to heal my ailments without all the side effects. The pass few years since dealing with this disease I have been researching natural alternatives to healing my body, but realized it was hard doing this on my own because for one thing, there was so much information and when you are bombarded with too much information, it paralyzes us into not wanting to do anything about it and depend on conventional meds. I came upon a post of Chinyere’s  “Helping Bodies Heal” page, while surfing Facebook. I decided to reach out to her after reading some of the testimonials from her customers who had similar issues, to find out about the program and how she could be of assistance. Although skeptical, the initial consultation went well and was eager to get started on my journey on better health.

Throughout the program Chinyere was very attentive to my concerns and needs in understanding what was going on inside my body which started with my diet, the environment and most important my mindset. Therefore, I had to make a drastic change in the foods that I ate, which may have trigged the flares. With the alternative life style change, and taking the supplements plus exercising, my hair is coming back slowly but surely, and I’m on the path of being heal.
I am currently Gluten free, grain free and I’m still abstaining from some dairy. I read every label before consuming any packaged foods, taking all the educational training taught throughout the program into consideration. I can’t go a day without the supplements which were recommended, which I believe had a lot to do with my great 6-month physical results.
I believe that my “aha” moment is learning that  whatever you put in your body has a big impact on your health.
Benedict Mitchell, Atlanta, GA

When I began working with Chinyere I was experiencing: – Pain in my back, knee and hip.  – Sleep issues – Lack of energy – High stress

I had tried different things with no luck and had been dealing with these issues for a while (a few years). I had been trying to self diagnosis/treat myself.  I’ve been following Chinyere for a while and had even spoken on the phone with her about a year prior to our working together.  Decided I needed professional help, because I was not getting much help from my doctors.  I was also tired of my joint pain. I honestly felt that if I committed myself it would work.  No skepticism, because I trusted the source.  I knew a little about gut healing, but once again a lot of info out there on this, was just not sure what to do. Today, my lower back does not hurt any more.  Every morning I used to get out of bed and say,”oh my aching back”.  I’m no longer bloated and gassy anymore and I lost 10 pounds! Life is good.  I just need to stay focused and keep working the plan.  I do have some issues with my Thyroid which I recently found out.  May be the root cause of my fatigue.  Doctor said I have arthritis in my knee and hip.   Each day I wake up is a day for me to get a little better.  I will continue to watch my food choices.  I truly believe are food choices can help or harm us.  We are what we eat. My aha moment is when I finished the 10 week program it was truly a challenge and I had never did a program that long.  I was able to realize nuts are a problem for me (inflammation and weight).  For 10 weeks I was focused and stayed on track; even when attending events that had food I could not eat. I’m very proud of myself!
Robin LaBranche, Chicago, IL

Before working with Chinyere I was coming off of a spine surgery, feeling inflamed, bloated and anxious. Since then I have changed my relationship with natural food and came back to a healthier way of eating and living. I have repaired my digestive system and am free from cravings. I have lost 15 lbs since we began working together. <== note: without doing any intense exercise because of her surgery/recovery! My biggest ah-ha moment was learning how to calm down and integrate meditation. I have learned how stress affects my body and my healing. Life today feels easier, as I feel free from my food anxieties. I still continue to work towards lowering my stress, but I feel now that I have the proper tools to reset when I am overwhelmed.

Amanda Tiberi, Queens, NY

When I was diagnosed with Graves disease, I knew it wasn’t a death sentence, but I also knew it was one of the most annoying and uncomfortable diseases.  I had totally lost control of my body and how it reacted to food, medications and stress. I tried fasting and diets and spiritual retreats to calm down these symptoms.  To no avail, nothing changed.  I continued to endure muscle spasms, crippling fatigue and stomach discomfort.   Not to mention the depression. When I went to see my doctors and reported my symptoms, they would just look at me like I was interrupting their day with my complaints.  “You have Graves disease Mrs. Moore.  This is what happens.”  No explanation as to why these symptoms exist, or what I could do to control or even end them.   So this was my life now. A very good friend of mine suggested I see Chinyere.  I was skeptical at first.  My ignorance told me, what can she tell you that you doctors haven’t?  Then I realized, “Well damn, my doctors didn’t tell me anything!” Chinyere provided information that changed my life.  It was as simple as understanding and knowing discomforting triggers and avoiding them.  Unlike my doctors, Chinyere listened to me and provided explicit explanations as to what was happening to my body and why.  Her consultation was not about me having Graves disease, it was about what my body was going through and the steps I can take to not only feel better, but be better as I develop a lifestyle of healthier living.   The information she provided me week after week was like walking out of a dark cave I thought I was trapped in because some idiot told me I was, and I believed it. Now there’s no turning back.  Chinyere gave me tools of knowledge.  I know what to do, and more importantly, I know how to live!

Venus Knight-Moore, Brooklyn, NY

I had the privilege of starting to rebuild my body with Chinyere in January of 2016. I was ready to take back my body and restore myself. Last year at this time I was diagnosed with HYPERTHYROIDISM.  Prior to my diagnosis I was constantly lethargic, losing weight, not able to concentrate.  Of course my specialist/doctor suggested  surgery to kill my thyroid and get on lifelong medication. I thought that was the answer and although I was scared I trusted my doctor and followed what he told me to do. He never told me that I should change my diet.  As a matter of fact he told me I didn’t have to change a dang thing.  After speaking to a friend of mine and telling her how I was feeling she suggested that I contact Chinyere.  Boy am I happy I reached out and didn’t procrastinate. HELPING BODIES HEAL changed my life forever!  The program helped increase my energy by changing the way I eat and eliminating certain things from my diet. I started  to incorporate plenty of water, ate more fruits and veggies. And eliminating all the yucky things out of my system.  And that’s when I started to feel my body change. Chinyere shared plenty of information about Autoimmune Disease that my doctor didn’t tell me anything about. Now I’m not saying all doctors are like mine.  But he just wasn’t very informative about what I was going through and how to make it better. My favorite part of the program was the weekly group calls.  During that time we could ask questions and get healthy food ideas and recipes from one another.  I actual lost 5 pounds during the program and started to feel better.  I will always be so grateful to Chinyere and how dedicated she is to helping women be more healthy. She taught me that through healthy eating I could actually heal my body. Sensible eating and being positive is the beginning of a brand new you. Good health to all!

Leesa Boireau, New York, New York

I am an active person with a good metabolism (thank you, genetics!) so I never had to watch my weight until I hit 40. I run, bike, ski, and chase around a grandchild. But then I started that steady climb of “a couple of pounds every year” until I was up to the heaviest I had ever been. At the time, breakfast was a Coke and a Milky Way Bar. Yes – really. I joined Weight Watchers at work, stopped the junk food and took off 20 pounds. Yay, me! But I had gotten into the Fat Free, Low Fat, Low Calorie thing as well. I was at a good weight, but not eating healthy. I credit Chinyere, whom I have worked with for many years, with redefining healthy eating for me. I saw her personal struggles with weight, dieting and fitness. And I saw her find her way to good health. Throughout her transformation, she was offering me advice on everything – she answered questions about healthy fats, vitamins, supplements, essential oils, cholesterol and sugars. Most important, she provided facts and research to back up her answers. She convinced me to give up things that I never thought I could do without – the Diet Coke that replaced regular Coke, the artificial sweeteners – and add things that I thought were taboo or just plain weird: healthy fats, full-fat versions of dairy, chia seeds, flax seeds, coconut oil…the list goes on. My husband is also a convert. He now asks me, “What does your health coach think of…”. The question for Chinyere’s potential clients is, “Are you ready?” I mean REALLY READY? If you are not ready to give up the “I can’t” and replace it with “I will” – then don’t waste your time. Chinyere is proof that you CAN give up those things that are hurting you – things that are making you feel terrible every day of your life – and replace them with healthy alternatives. It’s not easy, but the rewards are so much more satisfying than a Coke and a Milky Way bar. We don’t know how long we have in this life – don’t you want to make the most of every day? Thank you, Chinyere, for helping me to see the light. My running is easier, I have more stamina, my migraines are more manageable. And I can keep up with my granddaughter!

Suzanne Button-Meneses, Pembroke Pines, Florida

In Dec 2015, I went to the doctor and as always we discussed my weight. I hate when doctors do that. I was tired of having that discussion. Not only was my doctor not happy, I was not feeling my best. I was tired, my clothes were getting tighter, and let’s just face it I was going in the wrong direction when it came to my health. So, I reached out to Chinyere, a long time wonderful friend who had become a health couch. I started in December with her 21 Jump Start Program and began to learn how to choose what food to fuel my body. At first it seemed daunting (wait, no cheese or diet coke – you have to be kidding me!!!!) But guess what, it’s not that hard and it was only for a few weeks. After the Jump Start program, I lost a few pounds, began eating better and the best part — I didn’t gain weight during the holidays!! After that I was hooked. I was making 2016 about me. I started working out in the mornings and started eating better (confession: I still eat a little cheese and have a diet coke every once in while). I also signed up for Chinyere’s Abundantly Delicious Detox. I even got my husband Phil to sign up. Now this was definitely a challenge, but just like the Jump Start Program, it’s not that hard (except the no coffee part, but I did it). During this program, both my husband and I lost weight and felt lighter and stronger. What makes these programs work is Chinyere. She is a coach that is real and understands our love of yummy food and cheese. She walks you through your rough patches, never judges you on slip-ups, and encourages you. She provides practical tips and in the end she is a REAL person. The other parts of the program that were great were the weekly calls with other participants. We laughed a lot at our struggles and encouraged each other along the way. It was actually fun!! We are able to share recipes and hints on the closed Facebook page. I consider these people my new friends! If you are looking to change your life, I highly recommend Chinyere, not only because she is my friend and I love her, but secondly her programs work. Take it from me, the busy, lazy, not a morning person who loves cheese, if it can work for me, it can work for you.

Tina Roberts, Charlotte, North Carolina

I’ve always been one who believed in holistic/herbal healing techniques, but I never stuck with anything long enough to see the full benefits. That’s where Chinyere comes in the picture. She has been absolutely amazing! I am now in my 2nd program with her and I can already see changes in the way my body reacts when I eat foods. I am not breaking out in rashes, random welts and itching throughout the day like I was before. Chinyere is passionate about what she does and is invested in others’ healing. She is knowledgeable, non-judgmental and there for you anytime you have a question or a melt down! I enjoy her webinars, recipe tips and weekly check-ins. I am now on the 2nd day of my 2nd program and it is NOT easy, but I’m going to hang in there.  I have the best coach who works hard for me, so I’m not going to let her down.

Stephanie Stokes, Atlanta, Georiga

I feel as if Chinyere was an answer to my prayers! I struggled with food allergies and bloating for many years. I craved sugar and I couldn’t stick to any “diet” with out reverting back to my bad habits. Chinyere helped me break my old way of thinking. She provided lots of recipes and guidance to give me the information I needed to rebuild my intestinal flora and eat healthy food that nourishes my body Through Chinyere’s support and encouragement I learned a new lifestyle of eating and I learned how to create a meal plan that I enjoy. I am so pleased with my healthy life style and have no desire to go back to my old ways. Thanks to Chinyere I feel healthier than I have in many years.

Laurie Martin Gerry, Wind Gap, Pennsylvania

I love the supportive advice Chinyere has always given me! She is very attentive in the group and has helped me many times with better food suggestions for a healthier life and immunity boosting ideas when I dealt with a major sinus infection and ongoing cold. I’ve loved the results I received from her educated suggestions and caring advice.

Michelle Wisdom-Ellis, Mastic Beach, New York