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Hey Girl!!

I know my name can look a little intimidating so let’s clear that up from the start, okay? Chinyere is Nigerian and means “God Gave.”  It’s true pronunciation is different than how I pronounce it.  I say it like “Sha-nar-y”.  So if you’re Nigerian reading this, please don’t explode, it’s just how I grew up saying it and I like the way it sounds. 

Now that we got that out of the way ☺️, here’s a little bit about me and what I do in this online space: 

I help women let go of the past or present that is holding them back from becoming who they want to be.


I started out in 2015 coaching women to heal their bodies from the symptoms of chronic and autoimmune illness and now I’m up-leveling the work I do and going to the root of what it takes to truly transform your life, not just your health. 

What I’ve learned over the past 6 years is that to successfully heal your body from the symptoms of disease, the work is *NOT* primarily about what you eat, the supplements you take or how much exercise you do. 

Healing is an inner game. It’s about what you think and believe and the actions that result from your thoughts and beliefs. To be successful in healing from Hashimoto’s, losing and finally keeping the weight off, finally walking away from a dead-end job or an unhealthy relationship…the work is all the same. 

It’s about who you consciously choose to UNBECOME, and the letting go of habits, patterns, belief systems, and past hurts that keep you from having the life you know you’re meant to live.  

I’m here to help and guide you along this path of Unbecoming by leveraging both my professional education and personal experiences to hold the sacred space within which you can transform. This is a judgment-free zone filled with tons of compassion, empathy and a healthy dose of “sis, get it together,” when needed (cause sometimes we need that kick in the ass).


Some things to know about me…

I used to be a legendary people pleaser…ignoring what I really wanted to “keep the peace” or make someone else happy

I used to keep myself in a safe box, believing I could never run my own business and that it was “safer” to keep a corporate job that gave no joy

I used to believe hard work solved everything and that if I just tried harder and harder, it would be okay…(hint: that’s bullshit)

I used to live so disconnected from my body and my true feelings a friend once told me I wouldn’t know a real feeling if it slapped me in the face…and she wasn’t wrong

I also have a long history of breaking the rules and living life on my own terms…

I decided to go to college in Atlanta (I grew up in Syracuse, NY – I didn’t know a soul in Atlanta) because of a snowstorm during my senior year in high school and I was OVER cold weather

I decided to move to NYC after graduating college during a 15 minute conversation with a girlfriend, even though I had been planning for months to move to Washington, D.C. 

I skipped the thyroid medication that was offered to me, choosing instead to try healing naturally first (my doctor looked at me like I was nuts!)

I volunteered for a layoff package during the 2008 Financial collapse when the investment firm where I worked got bought by another bank, and I decided I wanted to take advantage of the time to “chill and not work” …I had a nice 9 months off! 

I quit my 6-figure corporate job in 2016 to work full-time in my coaching business even though it wasn’t truly financially stable enough at the time 

After 18years, I walked away from my relationship with the man I had called the love of my life… 


Therefore, I MIGHT just be the person that gets where you are and can help you to uncover what you truly desire, get honest about what isn’t working in your life, discover what is keeping those played-out patterns and habits in place, and hold the space for you to transform. 

If you’re about that FREEDOM life, let’s connect – click on one of the links below!

The kind of FREEDOM I am referring to is…

Emotional freedom. Thought freedom. Mental freedom. 

Your ability to think your own thoughts, feel your own feelings, do things your way, be confident in your decisions and live by your own intuition, regardless of what is happening outside of you and what others think, say, expect or want from you. 

That type of freedom, money can’t buy. It’s inside you and only takes your willingness to try new things, curiosity over judgement and consistency over perfection, to create for yourself.

And once you have it, you can apply those skills and that mindset to all areas of your life where you may be feeling stuck, stagnant, stressed, anxious, etc. whether that is your health, career, finances, or relationships.

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