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BBQ Black Bean & Quinoa Plantain Wraps with Cilantro Slaw

This one really surprised me how good it was!  And simple to make.  If you don’t like traditional coleslaw, I don’t blame you, I don’t either.  I find it to be pretty unbearable actually.  But this vegan cilantro coleslaw – you won’t be disappointed!  Actually, this whole meal is VEGAN but you don’t miss anything! I made HUGE plantain wraps…

It’s a WRAP! A Plantain Wrap!

These plantain wraps have changed my life.  Seriously. No lie. One of the biggest challenges I faced when cleaning up my diet was how I would eat Mexican food without flour or corn tortillas.  I knew I wouldn’t go the rest of my days without a taco or burrito so I thought I would be doomed to have the flour…

Quinoa & Veggie Stir Fry

The best recipes are the simple ones you find on a whim.  Last week I was searching for something quick and easy but also yummy and filling to make for dinner.  Somehow quinoa, frozen organic vegetables and a stir-fry sauce became a thing.  A quick search on Pinterest and I found the outline of a recipe I could use for inspiration….

Recipe Tuesday: Chicken from blah to wow!

I eat a lot of chicken breasts – a lot. It’s lean, it’s easy to make and ridiculously versatile — what’s not to love right?!  Well sometimes it can get a little boring so I’m often on the hunt for new ways to make my “usual” chicken breasts (and thighs for the boyfriend) go from blah to wow! I recently…