Chinyere's Top Ten Essential Oils Workshop - Helping Bodies Heal

Chinyere’s Top Ten Essential Oils Workshop

I love essential oils and in this workshop I share with you my Top Ten and why they are so awesome!

The truth is, I wasn’t always a huge fan.  Years ago when I was introduced to oils, I thought the only thing they were really good for was smelling good. I just didn’t get it.  I couldn’t see the benefit.  That all changed when I watched two doctors explain how and why they use essential oils in their practices.  They explained and broke down the science behind specific oils and THAT’S when I jumped onto the bandwagon!

Essential Oils — at  least, the right quality essential oil — can be powerful plant medicines and must be used with great care and safety.  And, as with many things regarding our health, quality matters.  Because the oil industry is currently unregulated companies can say whatever they want about them and no one is the wiser unless you test them yourself.

This is why I’ve chosen to partner with doTERRA and they are the only brand of oil I advise for my clients.  I trust doTERRA because in a market of unregulated oils, they go above and beyond to provide transparency in both how and where they source the oils, as well as the quality and purity of their oils.

They’ve created a database that you can access to look up the lab test results from any bottle of oil you purchase from them.  Let me be clear: they don’t have to do this and to my knowledge, no one else in the industry does.  They test every single batch of oil they make to ensure its pure (no additives, fillers, pesticides, etc.) and potent — has good amounts of the molecules that make the oils effective.  This database is accessible to all who purchase doTERRA oils (which I sell so after you watch this video, if you want to discuss how to purchase some of these oils, send me an email to: and let’s get you going!).

Here’s the video, enjoy!