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4 things to know before your next doctor visit

I put together this list of 4 things to know before your next doctor visit from a chat I was having on Instagram this morning, social media has its upside!

If you visit a “normal,” western-trained medical doctor to improve your current state of health, make note: 

  1. It is highly likely they are going to MISS KEY LABS.  For instance, they don’t generally run a FULL THYROID panel and because of that, are missing very critical, key information.  Often this leads to mis-diagnosis or mis-treatment.  They don’t normally test for Vitamin D, a key hormone for just about every function in the body and typically low in most adults. I could keep going but you get the point.
  2. They will interpret your labs using the standard “reference range” — this is CRAP!  This compares your markers to the majority of adults in the population.  Given the state of disease and sickness in the USA, is that what you want?  This is why doctors tell patients “your labs are normal” when you feel like shit.  
  3. They look at the body in disconnected pieces, neglecting the very important interconnectedness of every part of the body, mind and spirit.  For instance, they will look at a thyroid issue as just a thyroid issue when truly, it’s an issue with digestion, hormones, detoxification, stress, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, etc.  These well-intentioned doctors are literally “missing the forest for the trees” and YOU ARE PAYING THE PRICE.
  4. They neglect to get a fully detailed patient history so they are working without context. For example, I was not surprised by my Hashimoto’s diagnosis.  Given that I’d grown up with strep throat and ear infections all my life, ate a lot of sugar in the form of carbs (and some sweets) and lived in a house of smokers.  Those things matter because it meant I was constantly on antibiotics and combined with the poor diet, my digestion and immune systems and my hormones where jacked up!


They are doing the best they can in the DISEASE-CARE system that’s been created.

I am simply letting you know why this model of medicine isn’t effective; if it were, we would be a much healthier population.  And, I’m here to let you know you WWWAAAYYY better options!

So much of what needs to be done to help most people feel better, lose weight, manage stress, sleep better, balance hormones, etc; happens in the kitchen and in the home, not in the doctors office.

If restoring health (weight loss, energy, disease prevention or remediation, etc), to your life is your goal, then you must work with someone like me who works FUNCTIONALLY!  This means:

  • You get seen and treated as a WHOLE PERSON
  • Your emotional and mental health is AS IMPORTANT to treatment, as is eating vegetables
  • The correct labs are run, when needed (usually not the first step although it can be)
  • Your treatment plan is CUSTOMIZED, just for you!  NO ONE-SIZE FITS ALL solutions!
  • You’re EDUCATED on what’s happening in your body, not just given a list of foods to eat and avoid.
  • You’re supported, motivated, inspired and held accountable to make progress
  • You get educated on toxins in your home, why they are harmful and how to reduce exposure
  • You get results that last because you fundamentally addressed the root causes of your issues.  NO BANDAIDS!

Ready to stop suffering through trial and error and actually get to work on ADDRESSING what’s ACTUALLY going on inside your body?

 I’m taking a few more 1:1, private clients now.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We’ll start with a Clarity Call so we can decide if we’re a good fit to work together and take care of payment
  2. You’ll complete the full body system assessment so that I can customize your program
  3. I’ll schedule an in-depth review of your assessment so you understand what’s going on inside your body and why I’ve created the program I’ve created for you.
  4. You get started on the protocol ASAP
  5. I’ll send you all the tools you need to be successful (e.g. trainings, videos, handouts, recipes, meal plans)
  6. We meet bi-weekly for 3 months to check-in on progress, challenges and celebrate successes and wins
  7. You can email/text/FB message me in-between sessions when you need to, as often as needed
  8. We track and measure progress halfway through and at the end of the program by completing another assessment

Investment for this LIFE-CHANGING program: $1,200 with payment plans as low as $280/mo

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you already have. 

Are you ready for more, for something better?  

Book your Clarity Call here: https://helpingbodiesheal.com/claritycall

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