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This 53 second video could be the jumpstart to a whole new YOU!

All it takes is one RIGHT decision to move closer to the health you’ve been craving. All it takes is one YES, to the right program, to change everything. THIS is that program! Your search is over. The Symptom Slayer is here.   Say HELLO to real food and BYE-BYE to your symptoms. Watch the video below. Get all of…

My lovechild, The Symptom Slayer

Over the years, I’ve created lots of programs for my clients, and I’m proud of each one. These programs have been a jumpstart for those just getting started on a healthier lifestyle and a lifeline for people suffering from serious autoimmune disease for decades. There is something about this new program, The Symptom Slayer, that is ultra special to me….

Client Testimonial: Terri-Ann Beckford [Video]

I had ALL THE FEELS doing this interview with my client, Terri-Ann. She spoke to so many of the things that are important: – why EDUCATION and understanding how your body works is critical to creating change – how COMMUNITY plays a pivotal role in creating transformation in your life – why INVESTING IN YOURSELF is always the best bet!…

Are Your Household “Smell Goods” Making You Feel Bad? [VIDEO]

My friend and colleague, Forensic Toxicologist, Tamykah Anthony-Marston were back at it last night.   We revealed what’s in your household “smell goods” that could be making you sick! Once again, Tamykah did not disappoint with her knowledge.  I learn something new from her, each time!  And together, we LOVE to share this very important but often not discussed topic….