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4 ways to sneak exercise into everyday life!

If you haven’t already you may soon start making goals to exercise and get healthier in the New Year.  There’s something about the start of a brand new year that makes us believe things will automatically change and we’ll start to become new people on January 1st.  Not surprisingly most people fail to achieve their goals and the majority have forgotten their resolutions by January 31st.  When it comes to exercising, you can have a different story in 2017.  

First, let’s review the benefits of regular exercise.

Well, if you make exercise part of your day, Denise Austin believes you’ll quickly experience some noticeable benefits.

These include:

  • Waking up in the morning feeling refreshed
  • Having energy left at the end of the day
  • Feeling more optimistic about recreation
  • Sleeping more soundly at night

Once you’ve accepted the fact that exercise is good for your health, then you can consider some of the ways you can include it into your life. The top 3 health concerns that people face today are all easily preventable with a balanced diet and regular exercise: Osteoporosis, Heart Disease and Diabetes.

Next, let’s talk about how to get started without having to overhaul your life.

Cubicle Fitness

Its not new news, we need to get up from our desks way more often than we normally do.  Fitness experts advocate  getting up from your chair and taking a brisk walk up and down the stairs or around the floor. When you need a break, offer to pick up supplies for your colleagues, take the mail downstairs instead of waiting for the trolley, or think of something you could put in your car instead of waiting until 5 pm. That way, you force yourself to get up from your seat and walk for a few minutes.

Family Exercises

During weekend activities with the family, look for ways to integrate exercise.  If the kids are into cycling, join them for bike rides. Are they off to their swimming lessons or skating lessons?  See if you can sign up in the adults section, or take a walk outside the building while you wait for them.

Chores Are Workouts!

Who says you can’t burn calories while doing housework or gardening?  You can easily make cleaning a workout!  You can add in 20 jumping jacks in between cleaning activities; Practice perfect squat form while lifting your cleaning equipment.  Workout your arms by scrubbing, vacuuming and mopping with vigor aiming to get that heart rate up. The possibilities are endless.

Walk, don’t Drive!

Park your car far away in the parking lot.  This will force you to get in some extra steps while you go about your normal, everyday activities.

Just start by incorporating 10-20 minutes of movement a day that you wouldn’t normally do and watch your health blossom!

Listen, I get it.  If you haven’t been active in a long time, starting a new routine can seem daunting.  It doesn’t help that you hear about what your friends go through at the gym and even they’re not showing results.  It makes it a lot easier to cling to the notion your total lack of interest is justified.

But it’s not.

Either way, your body is going along a certain trajectory.  You can influence that trajectory by incorporating cleaner, more healthful eating habits and regular exercise.  Or, you can stick your head in the sand and hope for the best. I’d bet all my money that taking action and owning your self-care is the winning way to go!

Here are some of my fun workout photos and videos….have a good chuckle on me!


This was like my first time playing frisbee since I was a kid.  Not too shabby for a newbie!


I don’t know where my trainer Kat got this exercise from but it was fun and effective!  My abs were sore!!! 🙂

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