- Helping Bodies Heal

During the best of times, it can be a challenge to maintain a healthy diet, get proper rest and relaxation and attend to your own self-care.

During the worst of times, those are often the FIRST practices to go!

That was exactly how the ‘old’ me did things – before!

But when my new business started falling apart in late 2017 (read: very little income…struggling to make ends meet and sometimes they didn’t!), I DECIDED things would be different. 

My old pattern was – shut down, binge eat or eat nothing, sleep all day or insomnia, stay in my head mulling over the situation again and again. Feel angry, frustrated, embarrassed, sad and eventually – nothing.

This time, I DECIDED to do it differently. 

While I was confused about a lot of things at that time, I was very clear on this:  I WAS NOT GIVING UP MY BUSINESS.  AND, THIS WORK IS MY LIFE’S MISSION.

So instead of hiding out in bed, feeling like a failure, binge watching Netflix, I:

💫Meditated, went inward for guidance

💫 Focused on simple nutritional non-negotiable

💫 Spent time outside in nature

💫 Hired a mentor for support

💫 Reached out to friends and community

💫 Asked Spirit for guidance/support


My health didn’t suffer because I:

👉 learned to be mindful of my thoughts, feelings and actions(including about food)

👉 utilized my daily practices (not perfectly but I went to them when I needed them).

👉 invested in a mentor for support, strategy and inspiration to keep going (yes, I had little money and I STILL invested in myself by hiring a mentor!)

👉 ALLOWED myself to RECEIVE and taking some of the pressure off myself from being perfect and having to do it all alone.

The biggest gift from that experience was IMPROVED HEALTH!  I feel EVEN BETTER now, with less effort.

My nervous system has been encoded with a new way of responding to stress that does not include melting down, running away, freaking out and making bad food/health choices.

If I can, you can too.  Just DECIDE. And then ACT accordingly 😎

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