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5 holiday spices beneficial to your health

The scent of pine tree, the aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg, instantly take you to the holiday season, no matter what time of the year.  These warm and comforting holiday spices are also powerful boosts to your health.  I’m going to share with you 5 holiday spices beneficial to your health.

This time of year everyone is focused on their immune system, keeping it strong to avoid colds and flus.  Luckily, the spices of the season not only taste delicious, they are perfectly designed to boost your immunity.

5 Holiday Spices Beneficial to your Health…

Cinnamon. One of the most popular spices of the holiday season and widely used year-round. Cinnamon provides a warming effect to your body in the cold months, boosts your immune system, stabilizes blood sugar and aids in digestion.  A dash of cinnamon to your coffee or hot chocolate takes it to a whole other level.

Nutmeg. This gem adds a punch of flavor with only a tiny amount needed, so use sparingly in small doses. Nutmeg stimulates your digestion, helps in detoxifying the body and promotes healthy circulation.  I like to buy the whole nutmeg and shave off what I need using a microplane.  I grate fresh nutmeg on my leafy greens quite often – it’s delish!

Cloves. Similar to cinnamon and nutmeg, cloves promote healthy digestion too.  This is especially helpful after those heavy holiday meals. Cloves are also beneficial for reducing congestion, which is quite common during the cold and flu season we are heading into.  I made this chai tea that included cloves among many other spices; click here for the recipe.

Rosemary. A favorite to add to your roasted veggies, rosemary is a popular Mediterranean herb.  It adds a powerful punch of flavor to your dish, so use it sparsely. Rosemary is helpful for natural stress relief, combatting inflammation, detoxifying the body and calming an upset stomach.

Peppermint. The perfect ending to a heavy meal, peppermint is awesome for aiding in digestion, relaxing the stomach and enhancing your mood. Enjoy a cup of peppermint tea as a daily ritual during the cold months, if you pay attention, you’ll notice a difference.

As you can see, you have a variety of healthful herbs and spices to infuse into your cooking this season.  Adding them into your daily routine will be quite easy!  You can add a cup of peppermint tea to your post-dinner wind-down. Or, add a dash of cinnamon in your gluten-free oatmeal in the mornings.  And you must definitely try adding a sprinkling of fresh rosemary, olive oil, sea salt and fresh ground black pepper on your roasted vegetables!

Bon appétit!

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