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6 Reasons You Need THE RIGHT Detox

Why you need THE RIGHT type of detox, now.  You:

  1. Eat canned tuna or sushi tuna more than 2-3 times per year.  Therefore you are accumulating mercury, lead and other toxins in your fat tissue.
  2. Drink tap or bottled water.  Plastic (BPA) leaches into your bottled water.  You can find detectable levels of  pharmaceuticals, pesticides, lead, chlorine, fluoride and other toxins in your tap water.  These toxins disrupt your bodies ability to effectively manage hormone functions, including metabolism.
  3. Regularly eat conventionally raised meat, eggs and produce. This overloads your body with pesticides like Atrazine and glyphosate. Your detox organs, like your liver, can’t keep up!
  4. Use the same personal care and cleaning products we used growing up. Products like Clorox bleach, Tide, Dawn, Secret, Dove, etc. all which contain chemicals called obesogens that literally MAKE YOU FAT (e.g. phthalates, parabens, etc.)
  5. Often take over-the-counter or prescribed medications for any number of issues. Including seasonal allergies, antibiotics, headaches/migraines, joint/muscle pain, etc. Everything you put into your bod has to be detoxed out and our bodies can’t keep up.  Your body needs your help!
  6. Suffer from chronic disease, autoimmune disease, food allergies, seasonal allergies, weight gain, difficulty losing weight, bloating, constipation/diarrhea, frequent headaches/migraines, joint/muscle pain, PMS, menopause symptoms, chronic fatigue or low energy, poor sleep/not feeling refreshed in the morning, anxiety, depression, inability to concentrate and focus, and sooo much more!

Here’s the bottom line:

There are 84,000 chemicals in commercial use every day.  These chemicals are not tested for human safety.  Women alone come into roughly 160+ different chemicals just getting dressed in the morning!

Our bodies have NEVER been this overwhelmed with foreign contaminants, EVER.  When you add in the poor sleep, lack of physical activity and the chronic stress that most U.S. adults are dealing with, it’s no wonder people are sick and getting sicker.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Regular, whole-foods detoxes of the body and mind go a LONG WAY to putting you back onto the path of health and wellness.  When you detox CORRECTLY, you are able to rid the body of these stored up toxins, support your detox organs to work more efficiently and adopt new tools for stress relief and position yourself BACK into the driver’s seat of your own health.

My passion in life is to make your path to health and wellness quicker, smoother and easier than the one I journeyed.  Why reinvent the wheel? Why delay your results a moment longer? Start today!

I have tons of options to help you.  Send an email to Chinyere@helpingbodiesheal.com or post a comment below. 


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