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Is your water safe? [Chromium-6 toxin putting 218 million Americans at risk]

Due to the Flint Michigan water crisis, we’re all aware of the dangers of lead in our water.  But what about chromium-6? The hit-movie “Erin Brockovich” showed us exactly how the dangers of chromium-6 are harming everyday Americans and years later, millions are still at risk.

The Environmental Working Group recently published an analysis of data released by the Federal government and the findings are scary.  Chromium-6 was found in the water supply of all 50 states, poisoning over 200 million Americans.

Sadly, the EPA has never set a legal limit for the amount of this carcinogen allowed in public water supply; only California has a state limit but even their limit is much higher than what experts recommend.

Chromium-6 is associated with high rates of cancer, infertility and developmental issues.

How can you protect yourself?

While chromium-6 was found all over the country, some places had higher levels than others.  If you live in these areas, you should probably take action immediately: Oklahoma City, Phoenix, St. Louis County, Houston, Los Angeles, and Suffolk County, New York.

You’ll need a home water filtration system that removes the harmful toxin from the water you drink.  Reverse osmosis systems are on top of the list. They have the ability to filter out all kinds of toxins, including chromium-6.  The downside of this type of system is the financial investment.  Also, sometimes these systems are complex to install – especially if you’re implementing it to filter water for your entire house.

If you’re like me and live in an apartment OR don’t have a lot of money to spend, there’s another option.  I invested in the Berkey Water Filter system a few months ago.  The Berkey system (with the black filters) removes chromium-6 as well as a host of other toxins like chlorine, lead, arsenic, fluoride, pesticides, etc.

I strongly recommend checking out the Berkey systems.  They also have shower filters which I also purchased to get the chlorine out of my daily shower!  I don’t receive any financial compensation from Berkey so please understand I recommend them because I believe in them, not to line my pockets.

If you’d like to read more on this poisoning of our water, click here to read this article from Food Revolution.

Please don’t delay.  Water is a vital “nutrient” for a healthy life which makes the cleanliness of that water, critical.  I suggest you invest in a GOOD water filtration system and move it to the top of your priority list!

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