How to filter your tap water to reduce toxins that zap your energy and contribute to weight gain - Helping Bodies Heal

How to filter your tap water to reduce toxins that zap your energy and contribute to weight gain

How clean is your water? Have you seen the news lately? Americans around the country are drinking water that could potentially place their health at risk. Recently, the Flint, Michigan water disaster revealed dangerous levels of lead found in the public drinking water.

There are other cities where the water coming out of the tap can be lit on fire due to chemicals and toxins mostly from hydro-fracking (the process of releasing natural gas from the earth to be used to supply energy to consumers); for more details on this, check out Gas Land the movie.

Popular articles are continually reporting their concerns about the oceans and how polluted they’ve become with plastic, garbage, and other waste so often, we scarcely notice anymore.

All of this can be overwhelming and lead to feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, depression and may freak you out so much that you worry if its safe to eat or drink anything!

So instead of freaking out, I’ve decided to simply change the things I can control and not worry about the rest.

Under the item “things I can control” I knew I could do something about the quality of water I drink. Curious about what’s coming out of my own tap I Googled “NYC Water Report” and downloaded a copy of the 2015 report.  As I suspected our water contains chlorine and fluoride – two chemicals that none of us should want to ingest or absorb regularly.

Here’s why it puts our health at risk:

  • Chlorinated water – added to drinking water back in the 1920’s to kill bacteria and viruses (including the beneficial bacteria in our GI Tract we need to THRIVE).  Has been linked to increased risk of
    • bladder, kidney, colon, rectal cancers
    • breast cancer
    • heart disease
    • miscarriages (1998 study in California by Dept. of Health found that pregnant women who drank 5+ glasses of tap water a day had a higher risk of miscarriage due to trihalomethane)
  • Fluoridated water – added to water in the 1950’s to curb tooth decay however ingested fluoride does not aid in tooth decay; only topically applied fluoride the way your dentist does it helps with that! Fluoride has also been know to lead to neurotoxicity (e.g. an overload of bad stuff in your brain) in a 2006 study by the National Research Council.  Moreover, if your water is fluoridated AND you have LEAD pipes – your tap water is more likely to have higher levels of lead since those two chemicals have a love relationship with one another.  The concentration of fluoride in the water also doesn’t take into account everyone’s unique body composition and level of health – those with compromised immune systems or kids may have a worse experience than someone who’s young, fit and healthy.

So now what?

I knew my current water filtering systems – Brita, Zero One – were probably inadequate in removing those toxins as well as the pesticides, PCB’s, narcotics and other substances from my drinking and cooking water.  I also wanted to filter my shower water after repeatedly smelling a pungent odor of chlorine when turning it on.

Enter my latest health aids!

  1. I purchase a shower filter to prevent inhaling and absorbing copious amounts of chlorine as I showered each day
  2. I also decided to upgrade my drinking/cooking water filtration system to one that actually removes both chlorine and fluoride

These are very recent changes (my Royal Berkley water filter was just delivered yesterday) so it hasn’t been long enough to notice any physical changes yet. That said, just knowing that I’m doing the best I can to ensure I drink, cook, and bathe in the cleanest water I can create for myself has been a huge boost to my self-confidence! I know that I’ve kicked my “health game” to the next level! I’ll report back in a few weeks on any changes I’ve noticed (energy, hair, skin, etc.) since cleaning up my water supply.

In the meantime…

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Here’s my new Berkey Water Filtration System!

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