Cleanse Your Body, Mind and Soul Before Summer   - Helping Bodies Heal

Cleanse Your Body, Mind and Soul Before Summer  

Are you feeling sluggish, tired, stressed, and completely drained of energy? Are you still recovering from the cold and wet seasons?  Spring is perfect for cleansing your body, your mind, and your soul. Traditionally, many cultures have adopted the art of cleansing your mind and soul through meditation, especially during the springtime. Honestly, sometimes it is just really nice to unwind and release all of the stress that comes from living a busy life. I know you understand.

Introducing meditation into your life will renew your inner self and bring peace and light into the life you live. There are many forms of mediation – I use a mantra-based meditation practice called Transcendental Meditation (TM for short).  TM is taught by certified teachers and each student is given their own personal mantra.  TM is also one of the most scientifically studied forms of meditation to date.  Click here to see the benefits these folks obtained from practicing TM for 60 days. 

To begin meditation with a mantra, find a mantra that resonates with you (there are tons of apps you can download or websites you can research for a mantra), an area that is peaceful, and a comfortable seat. Setting a timer for the amount of time you wish to meditate will help to avoid any distractions and interruptions during your session. Typically, most meditations last approximately 20 minutes; However, adjust the time you spend meditating to your specific needs!

Be sure to schedule this time in because unless you write it down and pencil it in you could easily wind up putting your needs last and forgetting. It’s really important that you give yourself the time you need to relax. Stress is a major toxin, and when you are stressed out and full of toxic overload, you’ll experience unwanted symptoms. The reason you are feeling sluggish, tired, stressed, and completely drained of energy could be because your body is on O-V-E-R-L-O-A-D.

Ideally, you will want to have two mantras. The first, focusing on something you would like to bring forth into your life; the second, focusing on something you would like to transition out of your life. It is crucial to focus on your breathing during meditation, inhaling when thinking about bringing something into your life and exhaling when thinking about letting something go. After choosing your mantras for the day, you are ready to begin your meditation. Repeat your mantras until your timer goes off. To further your reflection, you may journal daily about your meditation.

Aside from meditation, waking up at the same time every day ensures you are establishing a routine and helps to eliminate those sluggish feelings brought on by waking up late, or long after the sun has risen. Some ancient rituals also recommend splashing water on your face first thing in the morning to wake up and rehydrate the skin. Developing a routine that includes meditation will ensure you wake up eager to tackle the day with a positive outlook and vision.

Meditation is an art form that takes time to develop and perfect. Simply focus on breathing and your mantras and you’ll be well on your way to a relaxed mind and renewed soul just in time for summer!

Studies have shown that morning meditation helps to lower blood pressure, improve circulation, reduce anxiety and stress, and promote relaxation. Cleansing your soul by releasing those negative feelings in your life while bringing in positivity promotes a healthier and happier lifestyle.

My Abundantly Delicious Whole Foods Springs Cleanse focuses on cleansing the body, mind and soul to reduce the toxic load so you can live a life that you absolutely love!

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If you’ve tried meditation in the past or think you can’t do it – trust me, I get it!  In the spirit of transparency I will let you know I’m not a PERFECT meditator!  Sometimes I doze off, sometimes my mind wonders over to my to-do list, sometimes I yawn a lot and my eyes get watery and sometimes 20 minutes feels like an ETERNITY!  When these things happen, I simply return to my mantra.  Each and every time I realize I’ve wondered away from the mantra, I simply return to it.  Giving up is NOT an option!  I know meditation is like a muscle and with consistent practice it gets stronger and better.  Besides, there is absolutely NO DOWNSIDE to sitting quietly for 20 minutes a day – NONE!  So push aside any stories you may be telling yourself about why you can’t meditate and just try it – I double-dog dare you!

To get you started, here’s a guided meditation from my friend Kat Hurley (it runs about 14 mins).

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