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Client Testimonial

This post is not about tooting my own horn, not at all.  This isn’t about me, it’s about what is POSSIBLE for each and every one of YOU when you’re committed to changing what isn’t working for you despite what doctor’s or anyone else tells you.

This is a story from my client.  This is where she was when we met having been diagnosed with Greaves Disease and having multiple rounds of radiation on her thyroid to effectively ‘kill it’:

After a couple of years of testing, medications, countless side effect and radiation, I had totally lost control of my body and how it reacted to food, medications and stress. I tried fasting and diets and spiritual retreats to calm down these symptoms.  To no avail, nothing changed.  I continued to endure muscle spasms, crippling fatigue and stomach discomfort.   Not to mention the depression.

This is the support she received from her well-intentioned doctors:

You have Graves disease Mrs. Moore.  This is what happens.”  This was all I got.  No explanation as to why these symptoms exist, or what I could do to control or even end them. My doctors did what they do best, prescribe medications and on occasion, increase and decrease your dose.

And this is the power of working with a dedicated Health Coach who creates customized programs that help you achieve your goals within your current lifestyle:

Chinyere provided information that changed my life.  It was as simple as understanding and knowing discomforting triggers and avoiding them.  Unlike my doctors, Chinyere listened to me and provided explicit explanations as to what was happening to my body and why.  Her consultation was not about me having Graves disease, it was about what my body was going through and the steps I can take to not only feel better, but be better as I develop a lifestyle of healthier living.   The information she provided me week after week was like walking out of a dark cave I thought I was trapped in because some idiot told me I was, and I believed it. Now there’s no turning back.  Chinyere gave me tools of knowledge.  I know what to do, and more importantly, I know how to live!

THE MOST rewarding part of being a Health Coach is watching clients connect the dots, make tweaks to their diet and lifestyle over time and revel in their own power.   We all have the power to change any undesirable experience we are currently having.  Sometimes we just need a guide to show us there are other options on the menu, push us to dream big, set us up with systems that work and hold us accountable for taking empowered action.

If you are ready to dream big and take empowered action, I invite you to a FREE, 1:1 Discovery Strategy Session with me.  All you have to do is click on this link and book your session; no strings attached.  Maybe we will work together, perhaps not but I guarantee it will be a conversation worth having.  Click here to book now!




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    Thank you Kat! 🙂

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