Let's get inside your kitchen - together! - Helping Bodies Heal

Let’s get inside your kitchen – together!

I say it all the time – healthy eating does not have to be bland, boring or time consuming.  Now, I can prove it to you in your own kitchen!

There’s one thing I know for sure about transitioning to a healthier lifestyle — it starts in the kitchen.  You simply CANNOT get healthy eating out – even at “good” restaurants.  You WILL have to make your own meals or, win the lottery and hire a private chef — your choice!  And by make your own meals I’m not referring to removing frozen dinners from your freezer and popping them into the oven – sorry, that’s not going to cut it either.

If you want to make a shift towards cooking and eating in a way that supports and nourishes your body WITHOUT taking massive amounts of time each day, check out my Cooking for Health & Pleasure cooking class.

This class is for you IF:

  • You want to eat healthy but don’t know what to make or how to make it
  • Are confused about what “healthy” cooking really is and how to do it
  • Need time efficient cooking tips and techniques cause nobody has all day to be in the kitchen!
  • You want to feel confident you know how to feed your body what it needs

With a few new tools in your toolbox, you’ll be able to get into the kitchen and whip up your favorite meals with ease and fun.   This class works regardless of your current cooking level so don’t let the idea that you don’t know how to cook stop you from trying something new!

I recently did a nutrition talk with a friend of mine who’s a professional chef and at the end of the talk he mentioned to me how much new information he had learned and how it will change the way he prepared meals for his clients.  The point is, most of us can always pick up a new trick or two when it comes to preparing food.  


Class highlights:

    • Custom designed menu highlighting your unique cooking/dietary goals and skill level
    • All meals are dairy, gluten and soy-free and don’t contain refined sugar
    • Menus will consist of seasonally available fruits and veggies, organic pasture-raised meat and wild caught seafood (depending on menu created)
    • Sample ingredients and recipes will be left for you to build upon and make your own

Pricing information can be found HERE.

Are you ready to say YES to your health AND have some fun?  Click here and I’ll see YOU in the kitchen! 

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