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All about FAT….hormones!

Did you know there are 2 key hormones that control your ability to lose weight?  Of course, there are many hormones in the vast and complex process of breaking down food and moving nutrients around the body but insulin and leptin are two you’ll want to understand if getting to and maintaining a healthy weight is important to you.

Insulin you may be familiar with if you or a loved one has diabetes. You probably know insulin is the hormone responsible for keeping our blood sugar levels from getting or staying too high after we eat. When blood sugar levels are chronically too high, it causes inflammation inside the body which deteriorates our ability to shed weight.  Which means we just storing more fat in our cells!

The hormone leptin sends messages to your brain that you’ve eaten ENOUGH and SHOULD stop. We all know the importance of having a well-controlled appetite. You want enough of an appetite that you eat and consume enough high quality calories and nutrients to feed your cells but; but you aren’t overeating, stressing out the digestive system and increasing the risk of eating crappy quality food.

Maintaining the right balance of insulin and leptin is both an art and a science.  Different foods impact people differently; we call this BIO-INDIVIDUALITY!

Here are some simple steps to improve your chances to lose AND keep off  – those extra pounds:

Eat mindfully and slowly – chew your food thoroughly before swallowing, allowing your brain to receive the “I’m full” signal.  You’ll also aid your digestive system in breaking down the food better so you can actually get more of the nutrients from it

Eat healthy fat, fiber and protein – with every meal, to slow down the increase of insulin into your blood and helping to maintain stable blood sugar levels.  Stable blood sugar helps keep inflammation down

Don’t skip meals – unless you are purposefully and skillfully participating in a fast, there is no good reason to go hours and hours without food. Skipping meals causes your blood sugar levels to drop too low and in turn increases cravings, slows metabolism and gives you have a bad attitude (ok, maybe that just happens to me when I’m hungry! ☺)

Put these tips into practice and see for yourself if your sleep quality improves, energy increases and weight becomes easier to manage (with consistency, the right diet and exercise program).

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