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Dirty Secrets In Beauty & Cosmetic Products

I had a BLAST doing this Facebook live workshop with my friend and Forensic Toxicologist, Tamykah Anthony-Marston.  

We revealed a few of the dirty little secrets in your beauty and cosmetic products.

I studied environmental toxins with a leading expert in the field.  Even so, I walked away from this workshop more informed!  Many of the women who were on live, had similar “ah-ha” moments!  This is an awesome class, so do take the time to check it out.  

You can find Tamykah’s all natural products on her website at: http://www.xanthines.com/

If you’re interested in a customized detox for yourself or you and a small group of  friends/family, drop a comment below or send an email to: chinyere@helpingbodiesheal.com

Check it out and leave a comment if this resonated with you.

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