End of year reflections - Helping Bodies Heal

End of year reflections

In a few hours we will close the book on 2015.  I don’t currently have any specific end of year rituals or traditions (although I’m thinking about creating a few!) but I do try and take a few moments to reflect on the year that’s passed to see how far I’ve come, what I’ve enjoyed most and look forward to in the year ahead.

Here are a few of my best moments and lessons of 2015:

  • Opened my company, Helping Bodies Heal – reversing years of a mindset that limited my beliefs into thinking I could only thrive by working for others
  • Launched my first ever website – being a “behind the scenes” kind of person, this was a big step that forced me to put myself out there and let the world know I am here!
  • Turned 40 and shared the experience with some of my closest friends and family.  Talk about “feeling the love” – I truly FELT LOVED on my birthday – so many people went out of their way to make it special!  xox0
  • Stood in witness as my clients began feeling and looking better. Watching them connect the dots between what they ate and how they fell, is one of the joys of coaching!
  • Healed broken relationships with very close friends.  Life is more enjoyable when you surround yourself with people you love and with whom you have mutual trust and support.
  • Learning to live without expectations; living in a way that is unattached to the outcome of any situation – be it good or bad.  I feel once I can more fully embody this practice, I’m able to be more present in each moment.   This one is a WORK IN PROGRESS!  It’s not easy to undo years of conditioning to worry mostly about the outcome.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

As I begin thinking about and planning for 2016, I have a few things on the top of my list.

2016 Goals:

  • Stay consistent with the good habits I began in 2015 — no back-sliding!
  • Daily meditation and physical activity (even if it’s just going for a brief walk or doing some jumping jacks)  –  with extremely rare exception.  Working from home, usually on a computer all day, means remembering to move my body frequently can be a challenge at times.
  • Become better at setting and honoring the small commitments I make to myself  like getting to bed on time and cutting out “screen” time right before bed.  Building self-trust is a good habit to have.
  • Stepping further outside of my comfort zone to take some big steps in work and play next year.
  • Try something or go someplace new!  I’ve been thinking about trying Tai-Chi or Qi-Gong.

How do you close-out a year — do you have any rituals or traditions you follow?  Do you take stock and reflect back upon the year in review?  Share your rituals/traditions or your biggest lessons learned of 2015 – “inquiring minds want to know!” 🙂

I am wish you love + prosperity + peace for the year ahead!

Happy New Year!

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