Holiday Superfoods - Helping Bodies Heal

Holiday Superfoods

Holiday superfoods, not something you normally hear about.  But we are encroaching upon the most wonderful time of the year, wouldn’t you agree? There are so many lovely things about the holiday season that I’d have a hard time listing only a few.  I’d have to say, though, that universally, we all look forward to the delicious foods that accompany this season.

The veggies typically get overlooked during the holidays. People tend focus on the turkey and all of the yummy desserts.  We start to pay more attention to the veggies in the New Year when we begin making our resolutions – right? When veggies do show up in the holiday spread,  they’re generally slathered in butter or in a casserole. Don’t get me wrong, we all love a good casserole, but admittedly, it does take away from the nutritious value of your vegetables.

Luckily, there are loads of superfoods in season that can be quite festive. I want to let you in on 7 of my favorite red and green fruits & veggies that will provide you with loads of vitamins and nutrients, while also being good to your taste buds!

Top 7 Superfoods in Season

Broccoli – With loads of nutrients including Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Fiber, steaming up or roasting some broccoli is a quick, healthy side item to any dish.  If you’re feeling extra fancy, lightly steam your broccoli and then sauté it with some fresh garlic and olive oil right before serving.  Yummy!

Cranberries – Providing you nutrients such as Manganese, Vitamin C, and Fiber, Cranberries are often found on the dinner table this time of year. Eat up – but please, avoid the canned version!

Cabbage – Red cabbage has an astounding amount of Vitamin K — which helps with regulating blood clotting and transporting calcium in the body, to name a few. You also get an enormous amount of other beneficial vitamins such as Vitamin C and Manganese.  We’re embarking on cold and flu season so get your Vitamin C!

Beets – The rich color of beets comes from betalains. Beets are loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory supporting nutrients. The betalain pigments found in beets aids in the detoxification process, which we all could use some of!

Kale – Packed full of Vitamin K, C, A. The most popular leafy green, it’s versatile and easily added to any recipe or smoothie. Steam it with some fresh garlic, sauté it with some olive oil or make a hearty salad with it.  It’s best to avoid raw kale if you have a thyroid problem.

Radishes – Radishes add a great pop of color to your plate while also acting as a cleanser of toxins for your digestive system. Due to their Vitamin C content, consuming radishes is another way to help keep your immune system strong this season.

Cucumber – Quite helpful in providing you antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. These are great to have as a crunchy snack or in salads for a pop of flavor.

My favorite of these 7 are kale, cabbage and cucumbers!

Lacinato kale (aka Tuscan Kale or Dinosaur Kale) is my go-to because it’s so much easier to clean than the curly kale.  I’ve added this kale to everything from Butternut Squash soup to ground lamb with turmeric, curry powder, onion, ginger and garlic for a lovely one-pot dish!    I love adding shredded cabbage to any salad – for texture and color!  And cucumbers…what can I say about them?  I love them!  I add them to my water, throw them on all salads and crunch on them for snacks like they’re going out of style :).

Even though beets aren’t my favorite, I do enjoy a carrot, green apple and beet juice with just a hint of fresh ginger.  This combo tastes great AND does the body good. Next time you’re at a juice shop, order this one and be ready to be happy.  Eating beets will make your poop a little reddish in color.  I thought something was wrong with me and almost went to the ER.

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