Are Your Household "Smell Goods" Making You Feel Bad? [VIDEO] - Helping Bodies Heal

Are Your Household “Smell Goods” Making You Feel Bad? [VIDEO]

My friend and colleague, Forensic Toxicologist, Tamykah Anthony-Marston were back at it last night.  

We revealed what’s in your household “smell goods” that could be making you sick!

Once again, Tamykah did not disappoint with her knowledge.  I learn something new from her, each time!  And together, we LOVE to share this very important but often not discussed topic.  

Be sure to tune in and check out what we had to share…especially if you love using bleach or ammonia to clean your home; you have a love affair with candles or those Glade/Airwick air fresheners.  You don’t want to miss this.  This could be the missing link to what’s causing your chronic bronchitis, irritating your asthma or other respiratory or hormonal challenges.    

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Check it out and leave a comment if this resonated with you.

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