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Real-Talk: Detoxing! Let’s do it!


I personally have tried different detox programs — I’ve done the green juice and no food variety (two times — what a glutton for punishment I am), I know others who have survived on multiple supplements and teas for days and I’ve done the kind where you can actually eat REAL food.  What do you think was a better experience and achieved better results?!

I get it.  There is so much information on detoxes out there: drink this tea, drink these juices, take these supplements, eat this, don’t eat that — it can be really hard to know what’s the right thing to do for your body, health and goals.  If I’d had access to a health coach back when I was living on 6 green juices and 1 nut milk per day for 2 weeks, I would’ve been much better off.

The thing is, I survived the juice cleanse and I lost a few pounds (maybe 2-4lbs?) but in retrospect it wasn’t worth it for these reasons:

  1. It was REALLY expensive and the cost was not off-set by not needing to buy groceries for 2 weeks
  2. I barely lost any weight and, what I did lose was water weight that came back as soon as I began eating regular food again
  3. I did more harm than good to my cells; starving my cells and feeding them sugar (yes, those green juices have sugar in them!) absent healthy fat, fiber and protein is just BAD business

In my FREE webinar: Debunking Myths about Detoxing — you will:

  • Understand why you should bother to detox at all
  • Learn the TRUTH behind the MYTHS
  • Have all your questions answered by an expert
  • Feel empowered to join my detox program and start your fall season off cleanly!

We all have choices — you can choose to detox on tea and supplements OR, you can detox eating delicious REAL food — what say you?

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