The great weight debate - Helping Bodies Heal

The great weight debate

I used to believe that I had to lose weight to be considered healthy.  My goals were consistently focused on losing weight and finding the energy to get through the day without diets that required diet pills because I was always too scared to try that. I tried just about every dietary theory out there that didn’t involve pills, and I was always looking at the scale and in the mirror to see if “it was working.”  It never did, or at least my results never lasted.

One day, I was extremely frustrated about not making any progress, so I decided to give up figuring out how to lose weight.  I ditched the diets.

Instead, I decided to try the very basics to make me healthier:

  • consumed  more water
  • consciously added more veggies to all of my meals
  • included superfoods like goji berries, maca powder, and spirulina to my smoothies
  • exercised at least 3 times per week

You won’t believe what happened – I actually began to see incredible results!

I was onto something, but I wasn’t sure exactly what or why things were moving in the direction towards my goals so suddenly.  On my way to becoming a Health Coach I studied nutrition and physiology, and that’s when it all became crystal clear.

Here’s the deal – your body is SUPER INTELLIGENT!  Its innate intelligence is beyond comprehension in a ton of ways.  One thing that is crystal clear is that when the body is sick, out of balance, or is nutritionally starved – significant and lasting weight loss just isn’t possible.

The bottom line is this: 




And, I have just the solution to help you get started (or continue) on your own path to get healthier – my FREE 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge.  How timely is that?! 🙂

In this Challenge you’ll get 5 days of clean, delicious, and easy to prepare recipes – it’s summertime for heaven’s sake, we don’t have time for complicated!  

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You’ll get access to a live group coaching call with me where you can ask me anything.  Or, simply share what you’re dealing with and receive all the love and support you need to achieve success.  

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Are you finally ready to eat clean?  Feed your body the nutrients it needs to be healthy? And access the solution to set you up for thriving success?

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