My lovechild, The Symptom Slayer - Helping Bodies Heal

My lovechild, The Symptom Slayer

Over the years, I’ve created lots of programs for my clients, and I’m proud of each one.

These programs have been a jumpstart for those just getting started on a healthier lifestyle and a lifeline for people suffering from serious autoimmune disease for decades.

There is something about this new program, The Symptom Slayer, that is ultra special to me.

It’s more special because it represents the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.  

A dark tunnel I’ve been working my out of for the past 6 months.

Being an entrepreneur can be tough, especially the first few years.  You are still finding your way, there is a lot of pressure to “get it right the first time,” especially for me.  I’ve always excelled at things I work hard at.

But things don’t always go as planned.  And when they don’t, it impacts how much money you make (to provide for yourself).  You begin to doubt your abilities and your self-confidence takes a beating.  You start to question whether or not you should have left your comfy, six-figure-job to pursue your dream.

That’s where I’ve been since August of 2017.  At times it’s been really ugly…and at times pure bliss!

Blessed to have close friends and family to support me when I needed it most and enough clients to show me how much of a difference I make in their lives.

See, coaching for me is definitely about the results my clients receive. 100%.  But it’s also about what I receive BACK.

When my clients to get why the things they’ve been doing haven’t worked, learn new skills and acquire new tools that do work, I am OVER THE MOON HAPPY for them.

It fills me up with JOY!  It makes EVERYTHING I’ve sacrificed worthwhile.  It makes me feel needed.  And who doesn’t want to feel needed and necessary?

So out of the darkness of the past 6 months, The Symptom Slayer was born from love, perseverance and a deep commitment to my dream and to changing lives. 

Check it out here:

FEW of the women who have made me fall in love with what I do and have kept me coming back, day after day…especially the dark ones!

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