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Moments of doubt and magic

I decided to start my Health Coaching practice almost 1 year ago next month.  From the start I’ve had a #NoPlanB mentality — meaning I will do whatever is necessary to make my business successful and there is no staying in or running back to a “safe” corporate job when times get tough.   I’ve reminded myself of  the commitment to my business a few times throughout this past year but in general I’ve been able to retain motivation and excitement about doing this work, pretty easily.

Until the other day.

On Christmas Day I started to think maybe I should just give it up, wind it down and keep doing what I’ve always done – Project Management work.  I really don’t know where those thoughts came from but they did knock me off my game for a little bit.

For a little while that day the road to a successful business, one that can support my bigger life aspirations and goals looked really unsteady and nothing felt certain.  Feelings of doubt, insecurity, fear and misgivings took hold.  I began calculating all of the money I’ve invested in my starting my business and started feeling anxious and foolish.

And then it happened.

I received a phone call from someone that had participated in one of my recent programs and I was reminded of why I do what I do and why I HAVE TO keep going.  One of the biggest joys I receive from working with clients is watching their awareness grow.  Once clients begin making the connection between what they eat and how they feel, shifts in mindset begin to happen.  When mindsets change, lasting transformation is then possible.

I was reminded that if I gave up now I would be doing a dis-service to myself,  my current and future clients.  As Marie Forleo says

“The world needs that unique gift that only YOU have”

I’m not narcissistic enough to believe that my client would’ve never started investing in her health without me – but I do believe I have a role to play in this space and my own unique way of connecting with others may inspire and motivate some people in ways that others aren’t able.

And just like that the feelings of fear, doubt, misgiving and anxiety, melted away as quickly as they had arisen.  I felt reassured and refreshed the Universe had stepped in to give me a much needed nudge and keep me on the right path.

Feeling empowered and renewed, I picked up my laptop and got back to work on my new Thyroid Recovery Program launching January 4th.

We all doubt ourselves from time to time, especially when we venture into unknown and uncharted territories.  Maybe you can ask yourself a few honest questions and see where that path leads you:

  • Where in your life are you feeling scared, unmotivated, tired or playing small?
  • What gift might you be keeping from the world if you continue on this path?
  • Is the Universe sending you signs and signals you aren’t receiving?

Can you imagine, even for a second, what your life would be like if you went all out and aggressively pursued what you want for your life — whether it’s a better job, starting a new career, losing weight, reversing lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension, spending more time with friends and family and less time at work, etc?

I’m not normally a betting person but I would bet on this:  I’m sure YOU WOULD WIN!  


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  1. Erwin

    Amen. You said it all! Keep on track, no one said it will be easy for if it were the path would be full. Olivia and I have changed to the better, a better way of healthy life style and have encouraged those among us to do the same!!
    Stay on the path,

    December 28, 2015 • 9:22 pm •
  2. helpingbodiesheal

    I’m glad you and Olivia are steadily making changes – yay! And you’re 100% right, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it!! I’m staying on track…this train was slightly delayed, not derailed :).

    December 30, 2015 • 5:45 pm •