$1,029 in Essential Oils! - Helping Bodies Heal

$1,029 in Essential Oils!

I fully intend to spend $1,029 over the next few months on doTERRA essential oils!

That may sound insane and honestly a few months ago, I would have laughed at such an idea.  But only because I didn’t fully understand the power in these little bottles.

The past few months I’ve gone from neutral about essential oils to a full-on oil addict.  Case in point, I was up until 1:30am last night reading and researching information about essential oils!

So yes, now I’m the girl that now runs for her oils all the time. When I feel a cold or ear infection coming; before and after a workout to reduce muscle soreness; when cramps are kicking up; before I meditate; or simply when I want to boost my energy, focus or just smell good! 

Here are 5 key reasons I love essential oils and you should to:

  1. They actually effect change on a cellular level.  Unlike most supplements and medications, essential oils are able to pass through the cell membrane and effect change inside your cell.  This is CRITICAL because we are as healthy as the trillions of cells in our bodies are.  The healthier your cells, the healthier you are.  Specific oils have the ability to support healthy cellular regeneration.  This means you can influence the state of your health now and for years to come!
  2. There are no nasty side effects!  You can actually take essential oils and not worry about aging, gaining weight, disrupting your digestion, feeling tired or foggy brained.  You get all the upside with no downside!
  3. They are easy to use, thank GOD! If you’re like me, you have a few daily supplements you take or worse, you have a few medications you take daily.  I hate swallowing all my supplements so I try to find as many as I can in liquid or powder form to make that easier.  Well loves, essential oils are EVEN EASIER — you can just rub them on the bottoms of your feet, your pulse points or on specific areas of the body and within 5 MINUTES, 40,000 molecules are in every cell of your body.  They actually tested this in one study.  They applied peppermint oil to the bottoms of the feet of the study participants. The participants breathed into a breathalyzer-type device 5 minutes later.  Researchers found the peppermint molecules in every particle meaning, in 5 minutes the molecules moved from the cells in the feet all the way up and into the lungs!  You can’t get more “fast-acting” than that! Oh, and when you travel, it’s soooo much easier and lighter to carry a few bottles of oil vs. all of those bottles of pills!
  4. They work for every system, condition, function of the body. Regardless of your health situation or goal, there’s an oil for it!  What’s even better is that you can combine multiple oils to create the perfect mix for exactly what you need. Many of the oils work synergistically, meaning they are powerful on their own but even more so when combined.  Perfect example is Frankincense + Lemongrass. On it’s own, Frankincense is the “King of Oils,” it was given to Baby Jesus remember?  It’s effects on cancer cells has been widely researched with favorable outcomes.  BUT, when combined with Lemongrass, it becomes a super anti-cancer blend.  There’s nothing else I know of on the planet, that can do that without negative side effects.
  5. They are cost effective. Aside from a few oils like Frankincense, Myrrh, Melissa and a few others, most oils will run you about $15-$30, wholesale price.  Given the potency of the doTERRA oils, a therapeutic dose is only 3 DROPS!  In this instance, more is not better so stick with 3 drops or less.  Factor in the rewards points you can use to purchase oils for free plus the monthly freebies that doTERRA offers, you can take care of yourself and your entire family, quite affordably.  Consider what the average household spends in doctor visits, labs, medications, supplements, gas, time and energy and you can quickly see how incorporating these oils into your daily life will begin to remove some of that financial burden — and time suck!  The healthier you are, the less of all of that you’ll have to deal with which translates into more money, time and energy for the things you love!

BUT WAIT! Before you go to your local health food store or jump on Amazon, there are some things about essential oils you need to know.

Essential oils are NOT created equally.  Oils that you can purchase in stores or through Amazon come from sub-par sources.  Or, they contain fillers, pesticides, chemical residue.   They may smell good, but you won’t get the therapeutic effects you’re looking for!  These are oils I wouldn’t suggest you ingest, like you can with most of the doTERRA oils.

5 things that make doTERRA my #1 and ONLY source for essential oils:

  1. Each doTERRA essential oil is thoroughly tested using the strict Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®  (CPTG) quality protocol.
  2. They are sourced by a global network of leading oil chemists and growers to ensure correct species and efficacy.
  3. Over 100 of the leading hospitals and research facilities exclusively use doTERRA essential oils with their patients.  Places like Duke, Vanderbilt and Johns Hopkins and many more.
  4. The company provides transparency unparalleled by most consumer goods companies.  You can input the batch number from any bottle of oil into the database on their website and review the test results of that batch.  No other oil company provides such transparency.
  5. Their oils are free of pesticides, contaminants and chemical residue.

Now it’s time for you to learn more about these natural powerhouses!

Join me for a free, online workshop this coming Monday, November 6th at 8:30pm EST to learn all about the best essential oils for anxiety, stress, depression and meditation.  With the holiday season about to commence in full-swing, its the perfect time to start using oils to calm that anxiety before family dinners and events!

Click here to reserve your spot: https://goo.gl/Rhgzsi.  Don’t wait! I can only host 100 people during the workshop and there aren’t many seats left – yay!

Sign up even if you can’t attend live. I will record it.  But you have to be on the list to get it!

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