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I hosted my first webinar as a Health Coach Thursday night and it was awesome!  Hands down the best part of the webinar for me is the interaction — the questions, comments and testimonies of personal experience.  To everyone that attended and participated last night – a sincere thank you!

Based on the feedback I received, things like “very informative,” “you helped me feel more at ease about starting the detox,” and “you dispelled all the crazy things I’ve heard about detoxing” — I decided to do an ENCORE webinar!  Who doesn’t love an encore?!


Register HERE!

This webinar is a great place to learn some new stuff, ask your burning questions and consider doing something wonderful for yourself this fall!  Getting on the right track will make the “food holidays” (Thanksgiving & Christmas) much easier to handle — marinate on that!

Sharing is caring!  Even if this isn’t for you, chances are you know someone who could use a reboot — show them you are thinking about them and pass this along!

Yours in Good Health,


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