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Stuck in a rut is no way to live!

As a Health Coach, entrepreneur and avid learner I’m subscribed to many different lists.  I get tons of emails and because there are just 24hrs in the day, I don’t get to read the majority of them.  But I hold onto them because there are moments like today when I am in search of inspiration for my next message to you.

Today was that day and this video got me totally geeked up to write to you.

Have you ever been or are you currently – stuck in a rut?  Is there some change or experience you want to be having but it just doesn’t seem possible for you?  Do you do the same thing every day, in pretty much the same way and are you BORED to death of it?  Well if you are, you’re probably not alone.  But you may be SCARED to go for something different, something new.

Change can be scary, there is zero doubt about that.  

But the simple act of trying — whether or not you succeed is actually irrelevant — is liberating, energizing and fulfilling.  When I decided to start my coaching business I said and started taking small steps before I actually BELIEVED it could happen.  My business coach really didn’t give me much of a choice and I remembered the age old saying “act as if” — so I acted as if I was already a successful Health Coach and held a smoothie demo and a few weeks later I hosted a mindful eating workshop at my job.  

Doing those 2 activities — WAYYYYY outside of my comfort zone — completely SOLD ME on moving forward and not letting anything stop me.  Where they wildly successful?  Not necessarily — I didn’t get any clients but I did get a few new names to add to my newsletter list.

Most importantly, I accomplished something NEW and SCARY and I DIDN’T DIE!  In fact, people have been asking me to do another workshop (which I’ve failed to do thus far — sorry guys!!   In 2016, I promise!) so I couldn’t have been all that bad at the first one right?!

So what’s my point with all of this?  COMPLACENCY is a killer!

Even if you’ve achieved success in business, health, love, whatever — there is always some area in which you can push yourself to try something new, something scary that maybe you’ll fail at — in the beginning.  Try a NEW, more difficult workout, take a dance class or learn a new language — whatever it is that has been in the back of your mind dying a slow death because you haven’t given it any light — go try it.

If your health is that thing you’ve been putting off taking care of, there is no time like the present.  Trust me when I tell you, once you start taking care of your physical and emotional self, all kinds of doors will open for you.  You become confident (even when scared), energized, fulfilled, happy and a whole list of other adjectives.  If you are ready to take EMPOWERED ACTION on your health goals, stay tuned — I have some goodies coming for you really soon.

DON’T LIVE YOUR LIFE STUCK IN A RUT.  That’s not how we are intended to spend our days on this Earth.  You are better than that and the world needs the unique gifts that you have to offer!


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