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The right support is everything…

The right support is everything – would you agree?

This sentiment can be used in almost any context from a house needing a good foundation (support) to athletes that need great coaches!  We would all agree that a house with a poor foundation and a great athlete with a sucky coach are not anyone’s ideal environment to thrive, right?

Well then, why is it people attempt to make major lifestyle shifts all alone?  For some reason when it comes to changing our own behavior we have somehow been led to believe that it must be done “on our own.”

I was there myself!  Reading different books on how to regain my energy and lose weight and feeling like “I got myself into this mess and I’ll get myself out this mess on my own!”  It felt like some sort of mission that I had taken on and that I alone had to accomplish.

Truth is, we don’t have to do it alone.  And honestly, it makes it a lot harder to do so!

When I finally agreed to partner with a friend to start and maintain an exercise regimen over 2yrs ago, that is when I finally started to see results!

When I joined a group sugar cleanse and started learning from someone who had been where I was, I finally started connecting the dots and making changes that lead to fantastic results.

Community, support, accountability, encouragement and guidance, are all things that can make our journeys much more profound AND pleasurable.

This is what made me want to become a Health Coach.  Offering a safe place for people to express their goals and fears and joining them in partnership as they begin their journey motivates me every day to bring my A game.

Have you been struggling to make a shift in one or more areas of your life alone?  If so, spend a few minutes to think about why you feel you have to do it on your own and what is holding you back from seeking help.  And then, think about what you could achieve with the right support — just let your mind open up to the possibility that with the right person or persons having your back, you just may be able to SOAR!

Isn’t getting to the finish line that much more sweet when you have your peeps there to cheer you on?  Yeah, I think so too!

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