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Unintended consequences

I’ve always been the type of person who has to learn things the hard way — not in every situation but when it comes to things I really want to do or enjoy doing, I may have to live with the consequences of my actions more than once before I learn!   And this past weekend proved to be no different!

I went into this holiday weekend fully prepared to indulge and enjoy my homemade macaroni-n-cheese and a little Thanksgiving dessert — on THURSDAY.  I’d made a vague commitment to myself not to indulge past Thursday but…..I found myself eating some of that mac-n-cheese on Friday and Saturday too!  Along with more apple crisp AND a little ice cream!!

So I wasn’t totally surprised when I started feeling a little run down, tired and noticed that familiar, yucky “I’m getting a cold” feeling starting to creep up and into my bones today.  My already compromised immune system (due to Hashimoto’s) has held up well considering the repeated attacks I’ve launched upon it this weekend.

This happened to me back in October after my birthday weekend and you’d think I would’ve learned by now but no.  Fortunately, I think I really get it now.  Simply put, I just can’t eat gluten, dairy and sugar often.  And by often I mean, not really at all.  I think I would be feeling very different if I had simply enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner and gotten right back on track Friday morning.

I continue to “live and learn” which isn’t a bad thing.  Part of me wants to know what my boundaries and limits are and now that I’ve had two similar experiences after the same behavior, I’m really clear about what those are.

I can avoid these unintended consequences by simply sticking to my regular eating habits and/or getting back on track after a very small indulgence of things I shouldn’t eat.  

It’s as if the universe knew what would really happen and prompted me to schedule my 21-day Healthier Habits Jump Start program to start tomorrow.  It’s such GREAT timing — I can help my participants learn to incorporate 4 simple strategies to eating better while getting myself back on track at the same time.

With Christmas, New Year’s Eve and a few special birthday celebrations coming up between now and the end of the year, this slip-up came right on time.  I hate being sick so I have all the motivation and inspiration I need to keep myself healthy, full of energy and in the best position to really enjoy the wonderful days yet to come.

What unintended consequences did you experience this weekend because of over indulging — pants a little tighter?  Skin a little more broken out?  Energy low?  If you’d like to join us over the next 3 weeks sign up today (click the link above), we’d love to have you in our group!


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