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Viewing chronic stress in a whole new way

Ya’ know how sometimes you have to hear something a couple hundred times before it finally REALLY sinks in?  That happened to me today and it resonated with me so strongly, I wanted to share.

In nutrition school we learned all about the negative impacts of chronic stress — how it can damage our brain, hinder our chances to lose weight, affect our sleep and imbalance our hormones.  All of that made sense and intellectually I understood it and made steps to try to manage chronic stress like getting back to daily meditation, deep breathing, letting go of situations I can’t change, etc.

But the idea of chronic stress with all of its negative impacts never really took me deeper than that until I saw this episode of Marie TV.  For those of you unfamiliar with Marie Forleo, one of the reasons I love her is the way she communicates and this episode on stress and the brain demonstrate that point very well.

In just a few minutes Marie made me think about chronic stress very differently.  My brain health is really important to me — both now and especially into the future.  With the way Marie shared the information, it made me stop and think about the possibility of chronic stress actually making me DUMBER and more prone to neurological diseases as I age.

I don’t know about you but NO situation is worth stressing about that much!

This short episode has reawakened my fight against chronic stress and will be something I stress a little more heavily with my clients.

What is something you’ve heard a gazillion times before it finally resonated with you and spurred action?  Share in the comments section below.

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