WELCOME to Helping Bodies Heal (newsletter #1) - Helping Bodies Heal

WELCOME to Helping Bodies Heal (newsletter #1)

Thank you for joining my mailing list; I am beyond thrilled to begin connecting with you about things that can help you transform your health and your life, TODAY!

My goal is to share stories, information, recipes, tried and true tips/tools that you can incorporate into your own lives (and/or share with others) which will serve to encourage, support, inform, and inspire you to take action.  My intention for you is a sincere desire for you to become curious about what is going on in your own bodies, to question what you think you know about health and to seek answers that affirmed by how YOUfeel.

You don’t have to accept your current diagnosis, symptoms and concerns as “just the way life is” or “it’s genetic, it can’t be helped.”  I believe food is medicine and when you eat the foods that nourish the body, it can and will heal itself; you just have to tap into what your body is telling you it needs.  My newsletter and coaching services are here to help you understand the clues and crack the code to improving your health!

If you ever have any questions or wish to connect with me one-on-one, you can reach me via email at: chinyere@helpingbodiesheal.com.

In Good Health,

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