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When things aren’t perfect….

What do you do when things aren’t perfect?  What do you do when you’re traveling and have to deviate from your normal routine and habits?  You have two real options — throw your hands up and fall completely off the track OR do the best you can with what you have, doing a little better each day.

I’ve been traveling this past week and my routine and habits have been challenged to say the least.  Things have not been perfect.


So today, I was better than yesterday and yesterday I was better than the day before.  What does that look like?  For me, it looked like catching up on my Oprah & Deepak meditation, eating more leafy greens than I had been and skipping over the not-so-healthy snacks and desserts that are readily available.

It also meant another trip to the local Sprouts Farmer’s Market this evening to pick up a few key items for the next few days so I can be even better than I was today.  I was able to get chia seeds and oat bran so my breakfasts get back on track, yellow plantains for a few more plantain wraps (stuffed with organic pulled chicken) and baby bok choy for dinner!

Tomorrow I get back to working out with a kickboxing class at noon followed by some quiet time to get some work done for my business.

I’m not telling you these things to show how great I am but instead to show you how easily the smallest shift in your daily routine can throw you off your game.   Since I’ve been away, I’ve gone to bed at 3-4am more times than I care to remember, ate a little cheese and some gluten, enjoyed a few cocktails, fell behind on my 21-day meditation program and skipped a workout last Friday AND Monday!  How’s that for falling off track?! 🙂

Things aren’t always perfect and neither am I.  I do the best I can and keep it moving.  No need to feel guilty about the cocktails I shared with two besties or the missed workouts.  It’s life and shit happens.

Today is a new day (literally, I just woke up and I’m finishing this post from last night) and as I sit here eating my chia pudding for breakfast on my way to kickboxing class, I’m already starting over and getting my train back on track. 

Where have you fallen off track and given up?  Could you have handled that situation differently and simply started over the next day?  Is your aim to be perfect at all times and in all situations?  The next time you fall into the perfection trap, remember these words:

“We aren’t meant to be perfect; we are meant to be whole.”  — Jane Fonda

In Good Health,

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