Allow me to reintroduce myself - Helping Bodies Heal

Allow me to reintroduce myself

I’m Chinyere Williams, Coach AND Functional Nutrition Educator.

I used to call myself a ‘Health Coach’ because coming right out of nutrition school, that is what everyone called themselves.  And while there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with practitioners who identify as a Health Coach, it doesn’t reflect for me, who I am anymore.  I’ve grown tremendously in terms of clinical experience, life experience and skill since 2014 when I began this journey.

In case my new title is confusing, let me break it down.

I am still a COACH.  Coaching is how I help you shift beliefs that are holding you back while also inspiring, supporting and holding you accountable for taking the next step towards what YOU define as your next level of success.

The Functional Nutrition Educator has two parts.

FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION is the principle behind the work I do. I work “functionally” meaning, I:

  • consider the whole body interconnected, both on a cellular level and a mind-body-spirit level
  • work from a root-cause perspective; I don’t chase symptoms.
  • practice customized nutrition knowing that each individual has specific needs. It is my job to guide you towards eating and living habits that best suit YOU, not someone else.

THE EDUCATOR in me has to ensure you understand WHY you should follow my lead, implementing my recommendations. 

The “why” provides the rationale for taking these news steps from a “I have to do” to a “I WANT to do” or, even better, a “I GET TO DO” these things for myself. Clearly, this makes the process more enjoyable and a lot easier to be successful.

While I’m at it, let me spell out WHO I WORK WITH.

I work with adult men and women READY TO end their struggles with:

  • Weight management
  • Energy
  • Sleep
  • Hormonal Balance (PMS, menopause, infertility, PCOS, thyroid disorders)
  • Stress
  • The symptoms from chronic disease (chronic pain, fatigue, diabetes, high blood pressure/cholesterol, etc)
  • The symptoms from autoimmune disease (thyroid disorders, lupus, Sjogrens, MS, IBS, etc.)

Obviously, this isn’t the full list but it’s likely to cover what you might be struggling with right now.

I provide multiple ways to work with me, such as:

– Private, 1:1 coaching
– Customized, small and large group programs
– Corporate wellness programs
– VIP Days

And lastly, I want to share one of the primary reasons why I began this business.

I started my practice to stop the generational cycle of DIS-EASE and DIS-COMFORT I see showing up in so many families, including my own.

As I look back at my own family history, there is a theme of diabetes, thyroid disorders, cancer and heart disease.

When my Dad got sick in 2014…I was going through my own health crisis and that family trend started to feel like it was becoming MY REALITY. It scared me and made me decide to say “NO! It stops here!”

I wanted to set a better example for my young nieces; and prove that profound transformation was possible without feeling deprived, counting calories or feeling otherwise restricted. 

It breaks my heart when I hear statistics about today’s youth having a shorter life expectancy than my generation.  It drives me to continually push forward in my efforts to change that cycle, however I can; one person, one family, one program at a time.

So, there you have it. What I do, how I do it, with whom I do it and why I do it.

If any of this resonates with you and you are READY TO take the next step on your journey to better health, click here to reach out to me.

Perhaps you know someone who could benefit from my unique perspective on holistic health?  Feel free to share this post with them or send them directly to my website. It is going to “take a village” of support for me to achieve my outrageous goal of bringing Functional Medicine into the mainstream and positively impacting the lives of families, for generations to come. 

Much love,

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