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Quinoa & Veggie Stir Fry

The best recipes are the simple ones you find on a whim.  Last week I was searching for something quick and easy but also yummy and filling to make for dinner.  Somehow quinoa, frozen organic vegetables and a stir-fry sauce became a thing.  A quick search on Pinterest and I found the outline of a recipe I could use for inspiration….

Recipe Tuesday: Chicken from blah to wow!

I eat a lot of chicken breasts – a lot. It’s lean, it’s easy to make and ridiculously versatile — what’s not to love right?!  Well sometimes it can get a little boring so I’m often on the hunt for new ways to make my “usual” chicken breasts (and thighs for the boyfriend) go from blah to wow! I recently…

Recipe Tuesday: A new spin on collard greens!

Most people have only had collard greens cooked one — the traditional Southern way meaning they were cooked low and slow and usually with some smoked meat (usually pork, sometimes turkey) for added flavor.  And there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with having them prepared that way; they are delicious and comforting! That said, I don’t always have the time to prepare them…

Recipe Tuesday: The best black bean soup!

Baby its cold outside, at least here in Brooklyn today.  Anything below 50 degrees feels like the perfect weather for soup to me, so given today was only about 30, I was glad I had this soup on hand (it freezes well if you don’t eat it all at once). I’ve tried lots of black bean soup through the years…