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Quinoa & Veggie Stir Fry

The best recipes are the simple ones you find on a whim.  Last week I was searching for something quick and easy but also yummy and filling to make for dinner.  Somehow quinoa, frozen organic vegetables and a stir-fry sauce became a thing.  A quick search on Pinterest and I found the outline of a recipe I could use for inspiration….

Recipe Tuesday: Not your mother’s meatloaf!

According to the calendar winter officially starts next week even though here in Brooklyn, the temperatures of late don’t represent that change.  Trust me, I’m NOT complaining — I am not a fan of the cold at all.  But given the time of year, I find myself wanting more comfort food and what’s more comforting than meatloaf? I know, I…

Baked Shrimp Curry

This is one of my favorite dishes — its simple to prepare, completely versatile and totally yummy! It even won me 2nd place in a recipe contest I entered last year! Throw in whatever veggies you have on hand — asparagus, more or less bell peppers, broccoli, shredded carrots or cabbage, whatever.  As for the protein you can do any…