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Recipe Tuesday: The best black bean soup!

Baby its cold outside, at least here in Brooklyn today.  Anything below 50 degrees feels like the perfect weather for soup to me, so given today was only about 30, I was glad I had this soup on hand (it freezes well if you don’t eat it all at once). I’ve tried lots of black bean soup through the years…

Superfood Hot Chocolate

Welcome to Recipe Tuesday!  I’ve decided to post a new recipe every Tuesday to help you keep your kitchen time fun, interesting and of course, healthy! Since today is Tuesday (also Election Day — get out there and vote!!) I’m going to kick this off with something yummy – a hot chocolate that is loaded with all kinds of goodies….

Winter Favorite – Lentil Soup – Part II (recipe included)

I love this soup!  Maybe because it came to me courtesy of a dear friend and her family or simply because its super yummy?!  Whatever the reason, I love it and it never fails to hit the spot! Serve with a leafy green salad for a complete and well balanced lunch or light dinner. #AbundantlyDeliciousDetoxApproved! Lentil Soup a la Bassano…

Winter favorite – Vegetarian Chili – (recipe included)

I’m not a fan of the cold.  I don’t much enjoy winter. With one exception – the colder months allow me to enjoy some of my favorite dishes like chili!  It’s the right mix of spicy, warm, hearty and comforting. This time around I experimented with the ingredients and combined it with a new alternative — fresh baby organic spinach!…