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What is a health coach? (VIDEO inside)

Before I met a Health Coach, I had no idea they even existed, let alone understood what they did exactly.  Even upon starting nutrition school, I had no plans to become a coach.  I enrolled because I wanted to figure out what was going on with my own health.  I knew the knowledge I would gain in school would help me.  Six months into the program I recognized I’d finally figured out “what I wanted to be when I grew up.”  Yeah, yeah, I was already 38 – but so what! 🙂

I was confident I’d found THE THING I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing after meeting, speaking with and learning from so many awesome health coaches. I wanted to help people like I used to be who were confused, overwhelmed, frustrated and struggling all alone to feel good again.  My goal was to reach people that felt hopeless and defeated on their quest to lose weight, get off medication or make healthier choices.  I understood people wanted to make better eating choices without sacrificing taste and WITHOUT STARVING!

A few months into my practice, I realized I’ve been on this road for a very long time.  My entire life both professionally and personally I’d always been helping, teaching and leading by example.  Coaching felt natural.  Helping people self-heal their body is beyond rewarding. It’s exactly the type of impact I’d been searching to have for years and I feel blessed to what I do!

But I get it.  If you’re not in my circle of healers, helpers and coaches you may still be a little confused about what exactly we do.  Well, I believe this video will shed some light on our profession.  Now to be fair, Health Coaches all work very different so don’t go lumping us all into the same category.  This video speaks to how I work with clients.  What you can – and can’t expect from me!

I have various methods I use to assist my clients in achieving the results they want and deserve.  I customize my programs to the individual.  While I generally work within a framework, my 1:1 coaching programs cater to my client’s unique challenges and lifestyle.  Check out my menu of services here if you want a better picture of what I offer.

So now, without further ado check out this video:

What’s a Health Coach?

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