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Stuck in a rut is no way to live!

As a Health Coach, entrepreneur and avid learner I’m subscribed to many different lists.  I get tons of emails and because there are just 24hrs in the day, I don’t get to read the majority of them.  But I hold onto them because there are moments like today when I am in search of inspiration for my next message to you….

Winter favorite – Vegetarian Chili – (recipe included)

I’m not a fan of the cold.  I don’t much enjoy winter. With one exception – the colder months allow me to enjoy some of my favorite dishes like chili!  It’s the right mix of spicy, warm, hearty and comforting. This time around I experimented with the ingredients and combined it with a new alternative — fresh baby organic spinach!…

New Beginnings!

WELCOME!  This is my very first blog post on my very first website!  I’m both thrilled and terrified all at the same time.  When I decided to “put myself out there” as a Health Coach I knew I was opening the door to many personal and professional challenges that would scare and excite me.  In other words, I consciously knew…